Fighting for Flight

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Fighting For Flight by JB Salsbury (Read 2/28/13)

This book… *SIGH* It has it all!!! It is very well written and I wasn’t spending my time catching grammatical errors or hung up on the authors writing style. The story had plenty of drama and moments where you could not wait to turn the page and find out what would happen next. I loved the supporting characters. Which I think is HUGE for any book because you have to have a hilarious side kick or a feisty best friend to complete any story.

Jonah was just….. Goodness!!! Talk about a feel good story. With all the strife and pain that the characters faced in their lives all of the love that they were able to give and receive balanced it out perfectly. Add in the MMA aspect and like I said, it has it all! Raven was great. I was glad that her story and personality was different than every other young, virginal, bombshell that is the main character of most of these types of books. You actually witnessed her grow as she was given love and validation through out the book. I felt like this book had that over-the-top-man-don’t-you-wish-it-was-like-that-in-real-life type of all consuming love story, but it was still majorly HOT and not cheesy!!! I also absolutely LOVE a story where the main characters don’t jerk each other around back and forth. That aspect was great. The external conflict was greater than the internal. There was definitely times where Raven was questioning Jonah but she always let him explain and did not let her assumptions drag her along for too long. Great stuff! Oh and did I mention the freaking music references!!! FINALLY, a book that isn’t focused on just country music, lol! I thought all of the R&B songs both old and new fit the scenes wonderfully! As if I haven’t said it enough, obviously I LOVED this book. I can’t wait to read the next one and get the back story on Blake!

Overall Rating: 5 BIG FREAKING STARS

What I listened to while reading:

I listened to a lot of the songs that were mentioned in the book over and over as well as a few others… I’m going to attempt to limit myself here…








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