Saved (Wanted #2)

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Saved (Wanted #2) by Kelly Elliott (Read on 4/24/13)

I had some issues with this book. I really loved Wanted, so much so that I didn’t put it down until it was done and bought an autographed copy of it!!! LOVED IT!!! So this is not a review from a big meany who wouldn’t know a good book if it slapped them in the head.

I felt like this book was rushed in some places and too drawn out in others. The sex was repetitive and lackluster after awhile. I understand that those are some of the hardest scenes to write and I’m sure it’s especially difficult when you are telling a book from 6 people’s point of view. I definitely applaud Kelly for keeping it all together. That could not have been easy. I guess maybe I feel like this book tried to take on too much. It was pretty long and even some of the things that happened started to get repetitive. Ex: Multiple car accidents within short periods of time and with it tying in so much so with one of the main characters just didn’t do it for me as believable. The repetitive lines also bothered me. It is one thing for a character to have a catch phrase or something they say a lot. You expect that and it’s funny and cute when done right. For instance little Matt was awesome with the lines he had. It was always hilarious and it fit. I lost count though how many times characters threw their heads back and laughed, or a man made mention of “what this girl does to me” and etc. I was seriously contemplating if it was that difficult to come up with an alternative there. I also felt like the typos and grammatical errors were distracting. I don’t recall Wanted having so many.

I think if this book focused more so on Jeff and Ari’s story that it would have felt more cohesive and been a smoother read. I felt like there was enough lead up for the third book of Josh and Heather’s that the entire sections on them could have been left for their book. I didn’t feel like there was necessarily too much of Ellie and Gunner, that was a decent balance. I did enjoy the book. There were just too many issues for me to give it more stars. I of course will read the next book because of that crazy ass Epilogue/cliffhanger. I just hope that it flows a little more smoothly and that the females come off a little less annoying! Between Ari and Heather I wanted to throw them both in a hole with Lynda and Rebecca, lol.

Good book; but definitely leaves a lot to be desired!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

What I was listening to while reading:  I really am not a fan of most of the music mentioned in the book. I think Christina Aguilera is an excellent singer but I didn’t find myself really listening to anything in particular with this read.

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