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Ambrosia by Erin Noelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I need time to process and think and then I will write a review… I will say that I’m going to give it 5 stars and not because I loved what happened or it went the way I wanted it…I’m going to give it 5 stars because it genuinely pulled at my emotions I am all kinds of upset still. It made me sick to my stomach, and angry, and it hurt. It also happened as things would. Not as you expect. Lots of grey area muddy and murky waters. No decisions that are necessarily right or wrong and after the mistakes start to happen after the decisions are made it is difficult to stop the snowball effect from happening. Once the water gets murky it’s a lot harder to make that shit clean again. I don’t hate Scarlett right now I am still very angry with her though. I have to put the blame on Ash, Mason, and Max as well though for what happened in this book. One thing that was echoed by all of them that rang very true was that Scarlett needs to learn to be her own person to do what is going to make her happy and to live her life for her. Not in a selfish, the world revolves around me kind of way that she has been existing but really figure out who she is outside of a daughter, a best friend, a girlfriend, a lover… If Scarlett knew who she was then I am certain things would have gone a lot differently. Well look at that… I guess I was ready to write my review. This one like Metamorphosis is going to sit with me for awhile.

I sent this message to Erin Noelle on facebook and she was kind enough to respond:

Me: WOW! I see why you wrote that status message earlier today about following your heart writing the story as it came to you and being true to that. i have just spent the bulk of my day reading this. I think I began around 2pm or so EST and I finished around midnight… Obviously I took breaks to do other things. don’t worry I’m not writing to bitch you out or yell or any of that. I did plenty of that in my GR updates. I actually gave Ambrosia 5 stars. I just wanted to say thank you for sticking to how you felt the story should have played out and even though I’m still feeling a little queasy and I’m still angry at Scarlett and sad at the entire situation I can’t give a book that stirs up all of those feelings in me anything less than 5 stars. I will be thinking about this book tomorrow while I am struggling off of less than 6 hours of sleep and I will be thinking about it by the time next weekend rolls around. If that doesn’t earn 5 stars then I don’t know what does. I absolutely LOVED Metamorphosis and I think I equally HATED Ambrosia. LOL!!! I am hoping that the third book helps figure out if I even care anymore who Scarlett ends up with. I really hope that the third book shows some growth from her. I hope that I can want to route for her to be with one of those guys again. Right now I don’t feel she deserves any of them and that her biggest mistake was not taking the time with all the changes and new things going from one dependent situation to another. The poor thing. God okay sorry for the book I just needed to get that out.

Erin Noelle: Kristin,
First, thank you so much for taking your time to read Amb. I appreciate it greatly. Second, I completely understand the response you have to the book, especially to Scarlett, but I am so darn happy that you HATE it! If I wrote it well enough for you to feel that much, I did my job. I hope that Euphoria will be able to make it all better for you, and that you will learn to like Scarlett again. That is my mission in book 3… oh, and to give everyone their HEAs!

6/11/13 – Erin Noelle’s facebook status:

One last note this morning, Ambrosia will be released on June 24th via ebook. Paperbacks will be available shortly thereafter. I have made an executive decision to change the way I am structuring the series. I had originally planned on ending Scarlett’s story with Ambrosia, and whichever guy she did not end up with would’ve gotten book 3. However, as the story played out in my mind and on paper, that’s just not the way it worked out. There will be a conclusion in Ambrosia; however, Euphoria (book 3) will continue to follow all of the characters lives which remain intertwined with one another. Saudade (book 4) will be primarily Max’s story and all of the characters will continue to be a part of this as well. In lieu of a lot of grumblings regarding people unaware of books to follow in other series, I want to make sure everyone knows that this will be a 4 book series. Thank you all so much for the support!

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