Review: Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling
Fear of Falling by S.L. Jennings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Fear of Falling is essentially a love story, it is also a life story. It’s a dichotomy of how people can be so resilient and adaptive that they can move forward after the worst atrocities but also be so fearful of the path that life has taken them down that they cannot believe that a HEA is in the cards for them…


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Kami has lived a life of fear, of pain, abuse, and it has left her with the belief that she is unlovable. Unable to give or receive love…

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But when she meets Blaine something shifts. She starts to want things that she never has before. But is she strong enough, is she good enough for love…

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Blaine has his own past filled with pain… but he is drawn to Kami. He wants nothing but the best for this woman who has walked into his life and blindsided him. He doesn’t know how to help her especially when she keeps shutting him out…

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But even when he tries to let her go, he just can’t walk away. He wants to be strong enough to save her, he wants to be good enough for her to trust him, but will his own past stand in the way…

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Love is always complicated, never easy, and always worth the fight. Will love and the promise of what it can bring into their lives be enough for Blaine and Kami?

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Fear of Falling is a beautiful story about love, trust, fear, and the hope for more than just surviving life.
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***ARC provided by author in exchange for me to: “promise to keep the funny ass GIFs coming! ;)”***

Warning: While the events in this book may be fictitious the themes of abuse, mental illness, and the lasting effects of trauma are very well written.

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