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Edible by Ella Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, and foremost before I get into the good stuff. I really just want to thank Ella Frank for the contest that she ran regarding this book on facebook. I want to thank her even more for actually picking my entry as the winner and for letting me forever be able to say “hey, you know I helped out with that scene at the 77% mark of Edible?!?” As well as the fact that it won me an ARC of this FUCKING AWESOME BOOK!!!

Secondly, I feel it is essential to comment on the mind of Ella Frank. I am not exaggerating here. When you read this book and some of the kinky, creative, scenes she came up with you are just going to be floored. (I have it on good authority that she may have done her own “research” for some of those scenes.)Not to mention you don’t just get the hottest fucking book you have read this year and maybe in the last few years you also get a complex and well developed story with your steam! It had some familiar elements of stories like this but it was not predictable, you didn’t have two characters making up excuses why they couldn’t be together. You didn’t get a corny ass misscommunication that spans a great deal of the book when they could talk like adults and solve the problem. This book would be a great story even if it didn’t have off the wall crazy hot sex in it… and that’s why it got 5 stars from me! I believe I am now a willing Kool-Aid drinker of the Ella Frank variety, forever! I know for sure that:
 photo LadyBoner.jpg

for Ella “Killing Vaginas Everywhere” Frank!!!

Edible is the third book in the Exquisite trilogy, and if you’re reading this review then I very much hope that you have read Exquisite and Entice already! If not, what are you waiting for??? DO IT NOW!!! Edible picks up with the story of Rachel: the little sister of Mason who has a penchant for leather, lace, and brightly streaked hair. She is a pastry chef at the restaurant that she and her brother run. Rachel is a character that you automatically like. You also get the impression that there is a lot more to her than what meets the eye.

Edible5 photo sadnessinhereyes.gif

The picture that she has painted of who Rachel is – is slowly peeled away in Edible. We learn a great deal about her struggles, her true strength and character. Rachel finds herself craving something she has yet to find; she learns that you don’t always know what you want or need until it backs you into a corner and refuses to give up on you…

 photo loveagainstthewall.gif

Now unless you have been under a rock you also know that this book features Cole. Just saying his name…

 photo JustGotHot-1.gif

We also met Cole in the previous book and know that he is a very serious man. He is a successful lawyer who works too hard, secretes sex and power and as we learn in Edible an avid swimmer with a sweet tooth for caramel. We also learn that similar to Rachel, Cole is not at all what he looks to be.

 photo c2cbcd80-fa47-469a-8355-5a0a50b43678.jpg

We learn the kind of man Cole really is, how deep and hard he can love, we see his playful side, and just how sexy he can get.

 photo 428fa8b6-9ef3-465c-bb84-6a3520b78b55.jpg

 photo 84f1d60f-f764-4c60-9c1e-e0a79b288331.jpg

And when these two explore the depth of their attraction to one another:

 photo FassbenderPerfection.gif

Edible4 photo roughandtumble.gif

Edible3 photo slowandsensual2.gif

Edible2 photo slowandsensual.gif

Edible photo slowandsensual3.gif

It’s Available NOW! Enjoy The Total Obliteration of Your Ovaries!!!

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