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The Mistress
The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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There were a few things that normally would have caused me to deduct a half star or so but the story was just so good I couldn’t do it!!! I thought the other books were brilliant but this one really just tied The Red Years all together and everything that happened just felt so right, but not predictable.

I had a situation that happened earlier in the week and I do not believe that my reading this and that incident coinciding is an accident at all. I won’t go into details but it just made me think about how in 2013 we are still so far away from being a truly open minded and accepting society. Or if nothing else a society that minds it’s own fucking business. Everyone is entitled to their opinion or feelings but no one is entitled to judge the worth or importance of another person based on ignorant beliefs. I don’t believe we will ever get to a place where that is recognized and accepted. But I digress…

I found Marie-Laure and Wesley’s characters to be the best kind of irritating. Well let’s be real. Marie-Laure was just fucking crazy and Wes was just young. Both had a very small and closed minded worldview. Anything that did not fit into there way of seeing the world and their rules for how things “should” be was wrong, or evil, etc. As they say however, how you treat others or act towards others is a clear reflection of you not them! Thankfully Wes was able to hear the truth and different perspectives and to come to a more enlightened place when it was all said and done. It was interesting how Laila was definitely more innocent than anyone else in the book and had the biggest excuse to be the most closed minded but because of her upbringing she was able to differentiate between preference, fear, real love, and the grey areas of life.

Kingsley rocked my world once again. I don’t even have the words, and I’m so happy for him where things were at the end of this one!!!

Nora was her regular self. I still absolutely one hundred and eighty five percent love the shit out of her! I don’t know if I’ve ever met a female character who is in essence so free. She embraces her sexuality, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her, and she does her best (though she is far from perfect and having it all figured out) to not harm anyone. She has a big heart and can kick your ass, fix your relationship, destroy her own, and put it all back together again! I admire her honesty and her ability to not give one single fuck!!!

Soren, LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!! I died every time he opened his damn mouth. Whether it was his fear or all the wine it was wonderful to have him tell so much of their story. If a man like that truly existed I imagine he would be the scariest and most intriguing thing ever! His absolute devotion and love for Nora is beyond sexy!

All the other supporting characters I loved as well. I loved the humor in this one and really had to try hard not to highlight and share all of the stuff that made me crack up. While there was quite a bit going on in this one it still managed to bring the heat. The tale of the three’s first night together and even Wesley’s scene brought on some serious ovarian destruction!!!! Then there was that shocker the book ended on. I just can’t say enough good things or express fully how much I loved this one. I can’t wait for more of this crazy group!!!

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