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Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever5coffeebean
Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever by L.V. Lewis
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I’m starting this off by sharing the definition of the word parody, because I truly believe that a parody is not what Mrs. Lewis gave us. However, I am not complaining at all!!! This book definitely had the humor and it was in the style of Fifty Shades. The story was completely different and in a lot of ways much better than the original Fifty. I rate it a solid 4.55 stars! Instead of Ana with her inner goddess and annoying monologue you get the funniest imaginary Id and Super-ego ever and you get reasons behind why Keisha needs them. Tristan is “damaged” but not to the point where you worry that he may not be redeemable or fixable. You get quite a bit more BDSM and it isn’t presented as darkly as it is in some books. I don’t mind a darker book but I have to admit that the lighter presentation was enjoyable too! Keisha continuing to run from Tristan makes a heck of a lot more sense based on her back story and past than it did in Fifty Shades. Overall, I felt like there were just a great deal more common sense choices and aspects to the story. Now, this is not to present a picture of a PERFECT story and no annoyances or “huh?” “what?” moments because there were a few.

I have to admit when I picked it up I was somewhat nervous because it said “Ghetto girl” in the series title and I was not sure what to expect. I was happy to find that instead of the stereotypical definition of ghetto it really was about a woman who was from a district where members of a ethnic, religious or cultural minority are congregated, usually voluntarily or in an economically depressed urban district predominately inhabited by members of one ethnic or religious group. Keisha and her friends and family were educated, talented, and down to earth. Keisha also kept it real. I liked how L.V. Lewis tackled the difficulties that those of mixed race or lighter complexion come into contact with. In that others often make assumptions about who they are or are not and that it can often be a delicate and difficult balance for those who have to navigate between what is essentially two different worlds.

There was plenty of steam and heat and many characters that reminded me of people I actually know or family members. I think for those who are hesitant to read “black” or “interracial” romance this is a great way to start. For those who believe that they will not understand or be able to connect you may be very surprised if you give it a chance. Of course it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. If you were looking for a really exaggerated and hilarious version of Fifty Shades you may be caught off guard by the original story you find here.

If nothing else for the month of November you can get this for 99 pennies…

I highly suggest you take a chance on it, if you want to borrow it, I will be happy to loan my copy to you!!! Now on to my casting…

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******I accidentally erased my previous copy so all though I had status updates for this I’m not sure if it will be linked to this review. I pasted the link that should take you to them in case you want my blow-by-blow *wink wink* thoughts on the book as well******


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