Review: Night Owl by M. Pierce

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Night Owl by M. Pierce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So as my moniker states I am in fact an Alpha Addicted Therapist… this book was everything I love. I am ecstatic that this was one of those books that I didn’t know what to expect from it, especially with the mixed reviews I was seeing and then it turned out to be wonderful.

I found myself enjoying the writing style from the beginning and the story was interesting and something you could actually believe could have happened. I was captivated at only 10% in. I literally could not put it down once I began it. The sex was unapologetic and absolutely hot and wonderful for it. I always enjoy the more alpha characters and I love it even more when the more submissive of the two can embrace what turns them on and does it for them. I’m so tired of books where characters spend much of it questioning what is wrong with them or pretending that what gets them hot doesn’t. It’s not going to be for everyone it got weird, really dirty, and messy at times… I gobbled it up, but to each their own.

The real meat and potatoes of this book hands down was the last half of it, however. The story took a turn that I both did and did not see coming and then began to spiral into this heartbreaking series of events. Then once you are successfully built back up, you are ripped apart and left hanging because of that fucking epilogue!!!

I 125% need more stars for this book and know that it will be one that I will re-read several times between now and the summer when the sequel is released. When I think about how close I was to skipping over this one I’m just glad I don’t have to kick myself in the ass later for doing so!

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