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Torn from You
Torn from You by Nashoda Rose
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Edit: Now that I’ve gotten some sleep lets see if I can do a slightly better job at describing my feels…

DNF 44%

I can’t! I have too many viable options to force myself to finish it. I really enjoyed the prequel to this. I thought it had a lot of elements that I recognized from other stories but there was enough there for it to be different. I am not one of those people who think that only one person can write a certain type of story and then every one else just has to leave it alone. However, if you are going to write a certain type of story then it needs to be well thought out and executed. Those who reviewed this and called it a poor mans Dark Duet were right about that! There were a lot of very familiar elements to that series but when you throw in a absolutely annoying heroine it just didn’t work.

It started off fine. I understood some of the questions she was having and how she was skeptical about things and thought the worst of Sculpt. I understand that she went through an awful ordeal but I just can’t get past how dumb she was. It was pretty obvious what was going on around her and why it had to be that way. Obviously, I didn’t know some of the specifics but none of that shit really mattered when it came down to it. She ran her mouth, fought back, acted out at all of the worst times possible… then became a slut for him at the drop of a dime. If you really want to talk things out how about you say no when he asks you if it’s what you want and demand that he tell you what’s going on, or why he is one way with you alone and a different way around the others??? Fucking moronic! She could have come off as being strong if she didn’t have her outbursts at the worst times possible and then she turned into a pleading whiny baby when she realized that wasn’t the way to go. What really blew me though was that there were obvious things that were happening to everyone else there and not happening to her. Sculpt went through a lot of effort and took the time to make sure that she understood what she needed to do so that she could get through it. If a character can read another characters emotions and body language enough so to tell me the differences then it stands to reason that they would put two and two together just like I did from the information. You can’t have a character be insightful and then do nothing with the information.

I hope I’m avoiding any major spoilers for those who want to read it… I usually have quite a bit of patience with heroines and even if they annoy me some I roll my eyes and keep it moving. In this book her internal dialogue was too much of the story for me to ignore it. When it got to the part where she was talking about working with her therapist and just how much information she wasn’t forthcoming with and how much information others were keeping from her… I felt like if I rolled my eyes any harder they would pop out of my head. I rarely, rarely, dnf a book. I have sat through some real clunkers but it was obvious where this story was going and that her massive stupidity was ever present and going to remain in full effect. I lost all interest in her and what was going to happen to and for her. At that point I could careless how the story ends. When you read well done quality stories that are similar you just can’t go backwards. It’s like trying to read the Blackstone Affair after reading Crossfire or Fifty Shades or trying to read Horse after reading Deuce… you can’t un-see the difference in the quality… sure you can enjoy it for what it is but if it doesn’t have an original enough story and strong enough characters to carry it, it’s just not going to work.

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