Review: Touch & Geaux

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Touch & Geaux
Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So many secrets and lies and all kinds of good stuff and very bad stuff went down in this!!! I absolutely loved that they were in NOLA and it made me want to go visit again, sooner rather than later…. I digress though… They both have a history in NOLA and learning about that was very interesting and caused some I KNEW IT moments for me that then caused me to AWWWW and Swoon all over the place. We had the Sidewinder team in this one as well as a great deal of circumstances from their previous lives and personas that come back to bite Ty and Zane in the ASS!!!!

A situation happens in this one where I was so freaking angry at the both of them that I wanted to reach into my Kindle and strangle the shit out of them. Zane took the C-A-K-E… those who have read it know what part I am talking about. I couldn’t even look at him for a little while after that. He was wrong and he knew it.

The ending of this was a mother freaking beast!!!! EPIC SHIT people!!! I just WOW!!!

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