Review: No Panties Fridays -Part 1

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No Panties Fridays -Part 1
No Panties Fridays -Part 1 by Conqueror Beast
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I found myself struggling with this book from the first chapter. I thought for what was supposed to be a natural and candid conversation/interview that the dialogue was trying way too hard. I admit that it is a steamy read, but I found the way that the characters interacted with each other to be too distracting at times. It felt like when you are watching a movie or show where the guys are thinking about what goes on at an all girl slumber party or in the girls locker room and it always involves some sort of pseudo lesbian action and unrealistic bull that never really happens. I don’t read books necessarily for the reality more often than not it is as an escape. I can enjoy a hot read as much as the next person… I didn’t feel like I was reading something inspired by Sex and The City, it felt more like late night Cinemax from back in the day, Red Shoe Diaries or something similar. After I rolled my eyes to the point that I feared they may get stuck I figured it was time to put the book down and walk away.

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