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Play by Kylie Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give this one a solid 4.5 stars. I really like this series. It’s SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!! I’m also totally in love with Ben, sorry Mal! Don’t get me wrong Mal, I love you A LOT, but what Ben and I have is just something special… Anywho, back to Mal, he’s hilarious, he’s a little off if you know what I mean and it works for him. I found myself laughing out loud through most of this. Those text messages especially, when Mal was talking to Anne’s vagina… HAHAHAHAHA! And way too many other moments to name. What I also loved was Mal’s heart though. He was going through so much and hurting so bad and he just tried to keep moving forward without letting on. Of course, that only lasted so long and it was wonderful to see all the people that love him rally around him even when he was being an uber-jerk! I really liked how things worked out with the entire Reece situation. We’ve all been there before, smh, if you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone then sucks for you! 😀 Anyway, I’m excited for the next book… but I wouldn’t mind if Ms. Scott hurried along to Ben’s book either… Is it almost December? Things are getting pretty serious between us so yeah, I need more of him, now!!!

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