Review: Round Three

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Round Three
Round Three by Lucian Bane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars for me, for this one.

Well I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the others. Anytime you take a trip to the south and run into an older, wiser, black man… you are also bound to find a way to come off as somewhat stereotypical. I’m really not sure if there is a way to write that kind of character without making some of us cringe a little. It wasn’t awful, or offensive, I’m just stating the facts.

Tara got on my very LAST nerve in this one. I get that she is trying to put on a brave face and that she was trying not to show emotion. However, Lucian is nothing but wonderful to her and does everything possible to give her the support that she needs to get through it all. It takes her most of the fucking book to actually allow herself to express some real freaking emotions. I don’t like that the only time she feels able to let her guard down is during the smoking hot, delicious sex that these two engage in. That’s the equivalent of that guy that only tells you he loves you when he’s balls deep in you and getting ready to come. It’s just not cool!

As stated Lucian was wonderful. The way he broke her down was mmm, mmm, good. As always there is never a dull day in Dom Wars. So even with the elements that I didn’t care for too much this time around I still greatly enjoyed it. On to the next!

Quotage: “The second she got what she wanted, she turned, her smiling face instantly hardening into the cold mask of a serial killer. God. Damn.”

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