Review: A Test of Love

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A Test of Love
A Test of Love by Kenya Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gave this one 4.7 stars because it had some seriously epic things going on that need to be recognized… however, I found Jasmine’s constant preoccupation with food to become annoying at times. I also found Jasmine continuously running away from Chase and being kind of a bitch but then falling for the D to be annoying as well. Lastly, there was a great slow burn to this at times… but I really would have liked more of the sexy details. But as stated there were some crazy things going on in this one so I got why some of the sex was just mentioned or didn’t go down. It just would have been nice is all.

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We pick up where book 1 left off in this one. Chase is absolutely indulgently delicious in this book. The story line gets really serious and dramatic, intense, and suspenseful. For awhile I felt like I was part of the Scooby-Doo team trying to solve this mystery. Some of the choices that these characters had to make were devastating and heart breaking. This book has one of my NO-GO’s in it… but the way that it was written even I was confused about how I felt about that, and I must say that is a huge feat to accomplish because I am not easily swayed. LOL!

There were also some psychotic characters in this one that had me cringing and sitting on the edge of my seat to see what they would do next. Do not fuck with Benny! That’s all I’ll say about that. I always say the second book in a series really has the hardest time. The expectations are set, and if it sucks then you know people are going to jump ship… I’m happy to report even with the few things that I didn’t care for this was EPIC! READ IT!!!

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Quote Love:

“‘Say it, baby.’ Burying his face into my cleavage, he begged some more. ‘Please, Jasmine, please. Give me that soft pleasure. Only you know how to give it to me just right.’ He squeezed the curve of my behind…”

“I kissed that cunt. Her liquid smeared against my lips. I licked those folds and released a growl that made her turn back and look at me in fear.
You better be scared.

“I needed to get deep, I was desperate to be completely inside of her… I worked that pussy, stamped my annoyance on those secret lips. ‘Don’t ever keep this from me.’
‘Ever.’ ‘Mine! Goddamn it. You feel that?’
‘Oh, Chase!’
‘Mine, when I want it. Mine, when I beg!'”

“‘Trust me. I was doing my best not to listen to white boy beat it up.’
‘You’re disgusting.’
‘No, you’re the one and you’re mad that I’m right.’
‘Yeah. Yeah. Chase is on probation. We didn’t have sex.’
‘Well, then he’s cheating because he sure had someone upstairs screaming out biblical names for the past two hours.’
‘Oh, Chase! Help me Jesus!’ ‘Let the heavens open up! God take me now!'”

“Because you’re talking to me as if I am a dog. I don’t eat puppy chow or slop out of a bowl placed in the kitchen. I am a man. I eat like one and walk like one… I do not listen to orders, nor do I fetch and run or fucking be pulled by a leash, little girl… I. Am. No. Dog!”

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