REVIEW: Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan

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Well… let me slowly clap for you Ms Sheehan. You have truly outdone yourself! Sorry I can’t give you more than 5 COFFEE BEAN rating… if I could I would throw the whole field at ya!

After reading the first book and having watched Sons of Anarchy (RELIGIOUSLY! like my life depended on it) I thought I knew what it meant to be in the biker world. Weeeeeell have I been proven wrong!!! Oooh and I totally loved it.

My experience: I was turned ON! MAJORLY TURNED ON! and at the same time repulsed at the behavior and hypocrisy of ALL involved in the story.

Even though in every story we get a side story, this is the first time ever where I couldn’t decide whose story I wanted to find out more about.

The whole book is told from multiple POV. Kind of gets confusing in the beginning but you get into it so much that you get disappointed when the POV switches but by the time the POV Chapter ends you feel disappointed again ’cause the story flipped to another person.

If my past were a person, I would grab the throat of that motherfucker, drag her ass down Re-do Street, and once I’d beaten the ever-loving shit out of her, I’d stand over her beaten-down body and say:

“You stupid bitch. You ignorant, stupid bitch. Love isn’t a fucking answer. It hurts more than it doesn’t, it’s harder than it is easy, it takes work, guts, and perseverance.”

Tegen the Club Whore’s daughter and a seriously emo chick of the biker world with a flair of a hippie. In trying to run away from the club life and be free she got herself even more into that same world. As much as she is denying what she wants out of life and trying to be DIFFERENT she belongs in no other world than the world she ex-communicated herself from, all because of a mistake that kids make… a broken heart caused by inexperience of seeing REAL in front of your eyes… and the King of that is none other than the heir to the MC Biker Throne…

Another one suffering from the case of emo. Trying to prove himself to Daddy and having no love back… just tough love. If he was a chick she would be spreading it for everyone to fill the whole of “daddy didn’t love me enough”… ooooh wait… NEVERMIND we do have that

The combination of those two are pure Sex, Frustration, Anger and Cage is right it totally is ASTF – Aggressive Sexual Tegen Frustration . And yet those 2 crazy kids are meant to be together driving each other wild that results in some seriously hot sex. I’m just so glad they are finally together and not sweeping up everything in the mad hurricane of emotions.

             “I’ve always had you. Only difference is now, I’m taking you.”

The side story that I truly loved was of Ellie and Dirty… Ellie who seeks the protection of the one person who is incapable of giving it to her and yet it works. These two… such a raw story between them and I wanted to hug both and keep murmuring reassuring praises that “Everything Will be All right!”. These 2 really deserved a whole book devoted to them. There is just so much to explore and resolve in detail that I hope we will get many more glimpses of them in the future books… we MUST! WE MUST, WE MUST, WE MUST!!!

“I’m sorry,” he choked out, squeezing her tighter.
He head tilted and her big blue eyes caught his gaze. “Never be sorry for who you are,” she whispered. “That man saved my life. Twice.”
“And,” she continued. I’m falling in love with him.”


The best line of the book that I kept nodding along to like I was a bobble head:

While they were all nice guys, which seemed to be my biggest problem with them, they were pushovers, metrosexual girly men that did nothing for me except make me angry and want to slap them across the face with a lacy thong and ask them what they’d done with the balls.

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