Review: Proving Paul’s Promise

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Proving Paul’s Promise by Tammy Falkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was different because well obviously we are 5 books in now, and this couple has been brewing for-forever! No really!!! So it was nice to see them kind of fall into each other relatively easily but still have the struggles and the trials that are always present in these books.

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This one was no less lacking in the feels than the others. Friday was an entire mixed bag of past trauma and drama and Paul had to keep digging and peeling back the layers to get the details on things. What I loved most was that he knew her so well, there were some things that she didn’t even have to say and he could just let her know he was waiting for her to talk to him about it. I seriously almost teared up a few times in this one when it came to one particular part of Fridays past.

I only gave it 4 stars because I felt like there was a little too much crammed into this one at times. Trying to get all of the characters and kids and extended folks involved may have been a little bit too much.

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I always love reading these books though because no matter how heartbreaking or difficult the stories these individuals are facing turn out to be, you are always left feeling really good and happy and just all is right with the world. Even if it’s only for a moment it’s nice to have an author that you can count on to leave you feeling really good once you’re done. Also, she writes some seriously smoking hot sex scenes. Goodness! As always, I’m already ready for the next book! 😀

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