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Come Back by J.A. Huss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***DISCLAIMER*** Okay, I’m still in the thick of my upper respiratory infection and I’m hoping that this review does not suffer because of that…

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I give Come Back a solid 4.5 stars. The story picked up where Come left off. It was easy to catch up with what was going on and where Harper and James were. Then we get the added bonus of throwing Sasha into mix for the ride.

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I enjoyed the make shift family unit they end up making, even though every one has trust issues coming out of the ass!!! They find a way to make things work as best as they can with what they have. When other players start coming into the game some we were expecting and others are a total curve ball that’s when things start to get really twisty and cryptic and with my fever ridden brain I did have to read a bit more slowly and go back and read a few parts over at times.

There was some smoking HOT sex of course but the story stuck to the important pieces and didn’t get lost in it. While I think Come was a great introduction it had a little more lee-way to be this smoking hot sexy intriguing read. Come Back was setting up the meat and potatoes of this series. The last book I have absolutely no doubt will be absolutely spectacular.

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Harper grated my nerves a few times in this one… I didn’t feel that way in Come and maybe that was because it was a shorter work and when Harper freaked out it was pretty much clear as to why. I did like that we finally got to see the type of badass that she can be in Come Back. And I was hoping maybe just a teensy tiny bit that we would get a phone call or something from Ford… but that’s alright, Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in book 3.

Overall, excellent read and I cannot wait to continue on. Very Well Done JA Huss!!!


“Hold still, Assassin Smurf,”

“I glance over at a smirking Sasha. Unlike that wild thing. She’s out looking for an excuse to brawl.”

“That sounds like a declaration of innocence, to me. Or at the very least, non-affiliation. And we both know that’s about as far from the truth as you can get. You’re nothing if not affiliated, James. You’re nothing if not guilty.”

“This asshole has a lot of explaining to do. He’s not on my side. I’m a job to him. A dirty promise. A dark obsession, maybe.”

“Lionfish. Hunter. Lover. Just like me. Killer.”

“If I tell you to walk through fire, it’s because I know beyond a doubt that you are fireproof. If I tell you to take a bullet, it’s because I know that you are bulletproof. If I tell you to walk away from me, it’s because you know I will come back for you. No matter what I tell you to do, you will do it, and you will be safe because I said so. Because I love you. Because you trust my love.”
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