Review: Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith

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Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was provided a copy of Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith in exchange for an honest review…

Book 1: 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book a great deal. Some of the abuse doled out by and depravity of certain characters in this book really did not set well with me. Trey was very sexy in many ways but a bit over the top in others. I felt like at times he walked the line between being Alpha and Dominating and being Abusive. I really enjoyed the setting since a lot of it took place near or in my home state… that’s always cool to catch those references.

The love story was pretty hard hitting and fast. There were several things that I just couldn’t give this one a 5 star review for, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the book.

Book 2: 3 Stars

This was a more difficult read for me. There was a great deal of drama and not just oh this is angsty and fun and somewhat uncomfortable but some of it just made me question what in the world was going on. I almost felt like it was turning into a paranormal series at times. Which I love pnr but only if that’s what it’s supposed to be… I didn’t like a great deal of the new characters and honestly don’t think I was supposed too. There was a little too much breast feeding going on for me… I get it, it’s a bonding experience between mother and child and all that good stuff… but I just heard entirely too much about Tylar’s breast going into her babies mouth… Other things became repetitive in this one as well. Trey takes a lot of showers before going to bed and Tylar doesn’t seem to do the same most of the time. LOL! I would think for as much as Trey likes to lick the kittie that – that would be different. This was definitely a more difficult one to get through but not a total clunker there was still a great deal that I enjoyed.

Book 3: 4 Stars

I thought the loss and difficulties that followed were rather realistic in this one. It still had a bit much of the repetition and some decisions were made that I thought were a bit moronic at times… However, I thought the pain and the denial of that pain, deflection, and other coping skills used were all very realistic. I love a great deal of the side characters and was happy to see them get their HEA in this one. Overall, this was a really enjoyable series. I highly recommend it to those who love – love, super hot orgasms & kitty licking, alpha males, babies, horses, hot lawyers, angst, drama, dysfunctional families, & fucked up family dynamics.

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