Review: Tyler by Jo Raven

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Tyler by Jo Raven

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Well the part that I loved about Tyler the most is a secret so I cannot even talk about it a little bit without giving away some major spoilers. But that angle to the story had me anticipating and waiting for when it would be known to everyone involved. My only real complaint was that it took too long for that to happen and then I feel like we didn’t get enough time to watch the wonderfulness of the results of that reveal.

The sex was smoking hot. I really started to understand and like Erin because she was a total bitch in the previous book. Now that I know her back story though I actually admire her and respect her a great deal. I also respect Tyler for all that he went through. As a result of his upbringing and one traumatic event in particular he developed a massive amount of maladaptive coping skills to deal with life. He finds his way in this book as well, and it was great to watch. Just wonderful stuff. I cannot wait to read more.

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