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guest review Dana

Dana ~ The Dirty Smut’atter‘s review on Goodreads
Read from September 03 to 05, 2014 •

What happens when what you always wanted isn’t even close to what you had pictured?

We met Callie well she is vacationing in Las Vegas and her intentions are to get as close as possible to Tristan. The history behind these two is a bit foggy, but we come to find out that the formed a friendship that impacted them both as the years went by. Callie wants to find out why Tristan walked out of her life to resurface years later as the biggest rockers in Sin City. The truth is slowly exposed and it becomes clear that Tristan isn’t the human male that she knew and the vampire that is left is only a shelf of his former self. Along the way Callie crosses paths with Bradley [aka. Blade] and he is everything that Tristan isn’t and sparks fly. Callie starts to question everything that brought here to Vegas and then what made her stay. The pull towards Tristan and the connection she develops with Blade are so back and forth. I have to say I really wanted to slap some sense into both of these male characters, as I felt like if they spoke the truth it would have made things so much smoother. Tristan finally steps up to the plate and beings to show Callie what she always felt he hid from the rest of the world. The problem is that his world is so different now and he is just a puppet in a bigger game. Callie begins to realize what she has to give up for him, but at that point she is into deep and the walls are crashing around her. The puppet master in Tristan’s world has put the whole thing into motion. We really just touch the tip of the ice in this installment, but we are left with quite a shocker at the end.

I found the writing a little slow in the very beginning, but it was the intro to the series and we had to get introduced to the characters and the ins|outs of the vampire clans. I expect good things from the series and I can’t wait to see how Callie rises to the role of a female in the clan. What role will Tristan and Blade have in her assent to the top?

Favorite Quotes:

“I want everything all at once. But from you? I want something more.”

“Well if your car is broken, why don’t you just ask your boyfriend to buy you a new one?”

“Maybe I’d rather have a boyfriend who can fix my car instead.”

“The dragonfly is a spirit that’s always with you…………………..It signifies an unbreakable bond between two people.”

“He’s got LSD.”

“What’s that?”
“Lead Singer Disease.”


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*ARC was kindly provided by the Author

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