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Cade by V.A. Dold
Cade (Le Beau Brothers, #1) by V.A. Dold
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“Mate, I will never break your heart. Ever. You are the other half of my soul, my reason for living.”

Being mates was nothing like humans falling in love slowly over time as they got to know one another, she thought. Mates had an instant attraction and strong sexual need to be together often. Their very hearts and souls cried out for the other. The need was an immediate, deeply emotional connection. The getting to know your mate came second.

Anna has lived her life for her boys in a bad relationship. Being a good mother she stays in it for her boys and once they leave the nest. So does she.

Anna moved to beautiful New Orleans resigned to living the life alone as there only one man who is PERFECT and that man she has been ‘seeing’ in her dreams for YEARS! He is not JUST a man, but a sexy shifter. But that doesn’t exists in REAL life… no man can wine and dine and court you and whisper sexy things in Creole while making you see stars AND be a sexy red-headed wolf… NOPE… not possible.

But sitting in a bar one afternoon she feels the pull of a man… a STRONG, BIG man who approaches her…

Cade after YEARS of being a lonely wolf NEVER thought he would one day just feel the pull of MATE… but he does… he gets dragged by this pull to a bar where he meets HER… the woman who has been seeing in his dreams. The woman he is in love with.

Dold writes their romance beautifully. I really think of it as Romance Porn… it is something we all want a man who is patient and strong/protective. Who anticipates your needs and has interests. Dold also spends a lot of the book setting up the history and magic of how the paranormal world works in this series. We have some introductions to secondary characters like Cade’s brothers who are also single and looking…

Also, Important to note that’s I couldn’t decide who I was falling in love more with Cade/Anna or New Orleans. If I never had an urge to visit as is the way Dold writes of the city is breathtaking and you can literally hear the jazz and the hum of people moving around. Simply beautiful!

It is a STRONG start to a series and hope to see more from this series… and all the HEA for all the brothers… especially the messed up, traumatized brother who lives in a wolf form.

*ARC was kindly provided by the Author

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