Review: Blind by Xavier Neal

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Blind by Xavier Neal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a 4.5 star read for me. I 110% loved this story, I loved Logan, but Maxx was a breath of fresh air for me in particular. I read various sub-genres of romance and because I am a person of color who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to romance one of those sub-genres happens to be interracial romance. One thing that I often find myself smh at or feeling could be done better is how people from different cultures relate to one another in these types of books. I think that where one grows up, and whom they are surrounded by influences your personal culture greatly. If you grow up with a mixture of people around you some white, black, Spanish, Asian, etc. from various levels of economic standing some very poor all the way up to upper middle class you have a much more diverse worldview and way of looking at things. Where others from more segregated or sheltered circles may feel out of place someone who grows up in a mixing bowl environment may not… I say all of this to say that this book does not focus on the fact that Maxx is not white or on the fact that she has a circle of mixed ethnicity friends… it focuses on the story… and for that I LOVED IT!!!!

Maxx met Logan, and their mutual best friends Erin and Luke as a teenager and through the trials of each of their lives they have grown into their own little family. Logan and Maxx come from not such great circumstances which is the initial spark to them forming a bond. Over the years Logan has become an emotionally distant player who fights for a living and to keep himself sane in many ways. Maxx is still struggling to find herself and dealing with one massive attraction to Logan while standing on the friend zone sidelines. When someone else enters Maxx’s life as a potential suitor and Logan is forced to re-evaluate his own feelings for her things get really interesting…… and HOT!!!

This book definitely has a cliffy style ending and the next book is out on October 3rd, and titled Deaf. I’m sure it too will be one that I read from start to finish in one to two sittings!!! So yeah, READ IT!!!!

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