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He’s Fire on Ice and she’s afraid to get burned again…

“You always think a guy is going to be different until he’s not.”

Firestorm Center Kian Kavanagh dominates the ice like a rock star dominates the stage. He’s the hottest new player to be recruited for the Firestorm, a newly established professional hockey team in Northern Arizona.

After Taylor Thompson’s heart was completely shattered by her high school’s most popular jock, she vowed never to date another athlete. And she keeps that promise through her first three years of college by putting up impenetrable walls to protect her from heartbreak.

But after a chance meeting with the charming and irresistible Kian Kavanagh, Taylor’s carefully constructed walls are in serious danger of being burned down by Mr. Fire on Ice.

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Fire on Ice (Fire on Ice #1) by Dakota Madison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I started this book and within the course of a day and half I had it finished and was picking up the second book within minutes. I really enjoyed this book, it’s been some time since I read a sport romance and it was a breath of fresh air. Although it was a sports themed book, this was more a story of love at first sight.

Kian (our hot hockey player hero) first set eyes on his gorgeous gal, Taylor at a bar one night. Typical place for a meet and greet when you are a young grasshopper right? However, I failed to mention that beautiful Taylor had her nose in a textbook and is doing research for one of her psychology classes. Kian has his eyes on the prize and even after multiple rejections from Taylor he gives her his number and leaves the ball in her court. Of course Taylor is no dummy and within a few days reaches out to him. Thus begins the start of a whirlwind, head of heels, falling down the rabbit hole at rapid speeds love story.

Kain and Taylor do not have much in common; however they love each other with a fierceness that cannot be denied. They battle the obstacle after obstacle for each other, from none approving parents, to slutty little puck bunnies, to creepers lurking in the shadows, these two have seen it all. Kain might be new at the whole boyfriend, monogamy, keep it in your pants lifestyle but the boy is a fast learner. It’s doesn’t hurt that he sees something I Taylor that no other person has ever shown him before….kindness, support, but most of all everlasting love. I’m not going to lie though, all that practice with puck bunnies and hockey groupies did the man right, because he is a smoking hot in bed! If those beautiful blue eyes found me in a crowed bar with a look that said “I wanna devour you…slowly” id have my panties off and bar tab paid in .2 seconds!!

While I enjoy this story very much, and the sexy was very hot and steamy, I felt the pace of this book moved very quickly. These two meet, and pretty much confess their undying love for each other before the first date flowers had a chance to wilt. I know love works in crazy beautiful ways, and when cupid’s arrow hits your ass you don’t stand a chance, but there was defiantly times when I found myself saying “whoa, already?”. But even with the quick pace of the book, I still found myself engaged and excited to be a part of such love.

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Author Information:

Dakota Madison has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she’s not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

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