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Broken Hart EXCERPT

Raising my eyes to him, I checked to see if he was noticing what was happening, only to find his eyes blazing back into mine. The look he gave me was pure combustible heat, and it left me with absolutely no doubt that he felt whatever was happening too.He shook his head as though he was trying to clear it, and returned to massaging as I closed my eyes and tried to process what the hell was happening—and my reaction to it. When he rubbed the arch of my foot again, I couldn’t help it, and I moaned. My eyes snapped open, and I prayed that maybe he hadn’t heard me.

His hand slid from the arch of my foot up to my left ankle as his other hand gripped my right ankle. Using my ankles as leverage, he jerked me toward him. I wasn’t dumb and I knew what that meant. Clearly, he had heard me. I was trying to process all of that as he bent forward and kissed first one knee, then the other.

I took a shocked breath and my jaw dropped as I stared at the top of his head. Raising his eyes to mine, Dante asked, “Rina. I want this. Do you?”

The line was shockingly easy to cross.

Looking him straight in the eye I answered honestly and without hesitation. “Yes. God, yes.”

Loving Hart EXCERPT

He looked gorgeous, as always, and I struggled to remember to breathe for a minute. He works out like a mad man, and his body is to die for. After giving me a kiss and a hug, Spence escorted me into his living room. Taking a spot on his couch, I smiled when he took the seat at the other end.“What’s up angel? What do you need?”

I’d already decided not to beat around the bush, so I dove right in. “Don’t flip out. I’m here because I need to kiss you again, and I want you to give me my first orgasm. It’s time.”

I paused when he gasped, and I could see that he was going to argue with me. “Shush Spence. Listen to me before you say no.”

He nodded tersely, so at least I knew he was listening.

“I’m a virgin, and we both know I’m saving it for you.”
The look on his face was a mixture of shock, discomfort and arousal. “Jesus, Delilah, shoot straight much? That’s… I mean… I don’t know what the fuck to even say.”

“You can cut the crap and admit that you’ve known all along that I was waiting for you. I don’t mind waiting, not that I’m going to sit on my ass forever, but before I start taking care of my needs myself, I want you to get me there. I want all my firsts to happen with you.”

“Oh, fuck. I don’t even…”

Holding up my hand, I told him to hush. “You can run from everyone else Spencer Cross, but you’ll never be able to run from me. I know you want this and you’ve wanted it for a long time. You’ve been waiting for me to come to you again. Well, here I am. Someday, you’ll have all of me. Until you’re ready to take that step, I’m asking you to give me this.”

I saw the exact moment that he accepted what I’d said as being true, and I knew he was going to do it. His eyes were like a firestorm when he looked at me. “If this is what you really want angel, then yes. You’re right. I want to give it to you. Tell me how you want me to do this.”

Standing, I took his hand in mine as I started walking toward his bedroom. I walked fast, letting go of his hands when we got in so that I could throw myself on his bed. After enjoying a little bounce, I propped myself on my elbow and stared at him as he stood over the bed.

“You can start by kissing me. How it goes from there is up to you.”



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