ARC Review: Teach Me by Sloan Johnson

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This is my first book by Sloan Johnson, and when I heard M/M and teacher/student I was SOLD!!!!

I enjoyed a great deal of the themes in this book on: acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, and the plight of those less fortunate (to an extent)…

Our main characters are David a slightly older college professor self-made who has come up from having nothing. His best friend Chad is overseeing the construction of his dream home. Austin is a college student who has recently come out as being gay to his family. The back lash has him living a life he never saw for himself.

When these two meet they have a clear and somewhat instant connection (not insta-love). David wants to help Austin because he sees so much of himself in him, and if he is honest with himself he is extremely attracted to him as well.

Austin is hesitant and wants to maintain his distance from everyone as he is now in a vulnerable position and knows that he cannot live life as carefree as before.

We are introduced to several of David and Austin’s friends and family members. Some of these supporting characters you will love others you will want to drag out to the town square and stone them…

Overall, this was a quick read. It was a solid story and I did enjoy it. It had a few glitches here and there and Austin began to get on my nerves at times. This was a 3.5 bean read for me and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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