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Title: Natural Love 

Author: S. Celi

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 9, 2014

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When this book came to my attention… since I love shiny and beautiful covers this one got my attention in a heart beat… once I read more I didn’t know what to feel… but mostly just very deep curiosity and no I’m not a cat… but I’ll be a kitty and say I clawed and purred until I got a copy of this one.

WARNING: It is a sensitive topic for some as the book itself deals with subject of a taboo nature. A Natural Love… maybe by nature but not by the society standards. I would call it a WASP story… a story of secret love that is not meant to happen but life is a huuuuuge lover of putting people in awkward situations. Why WASP? Well the story revolves a VERY well off Chadwick family. The story development hinges on this. They are rich. They are spoiled. They are privileged. They are manicured. They are fake. Shiny on the outside… so dark and rusty on the inside.

Life as a chadwich had three permanent rules.

First, don’t embarrass the family.

Second, don’t embarrass the family.

Third, don’t embarrass the family.

It took me a while to figure out who to put my review into words and WHAT exactly to reveal in it… but I won’t torture you with what exact relationship is that is so forbidden. It is nothing perverse it is a love between two people who are NOT blood related, proper age, but ARE family.

The story does a get a bit repetitive but I feel it right being so… it has a slow burn to it but only because it NEEDS to, IMO. If it didn’t I think it would quickly turn into some dirty, pervy plot-line. I didn’t see it that way… but I’m curious if you will. If you do read it please let me know.

The story is told through a male POV and I love it. We do not get a bit of female, AJ’s perspective in this (not counting the author obviously) which sort of eliminates this whole drama that gets quite annoying… the internal struggle to act upon feelings through male POV is better and preferred in this, although I am curious what AJ was thinking.

 I might have kissed her the way I wanted to, or told her how I loved her more than anyone ever would. If we’d been all alone, we would have been free.

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My whole life, I wanted one thing: to be the perfect son.

Growing up, I did everything my father required. Straight A’s in school. Perfect manners. I forced myself to live up to his standards–standards that pushed the Chadwick family name to the highest rungs of society.
Over the years, we climbed so high that my father hoped we’d never fall.

If only he’d been right. With each successful year, the Chadwick family skeletons grew bolder and darker. Each member of my family had something to hide. Every lie threatened to undo us.
The secret Avery Jackson and I shared was the worst one of all.

She was the one person I shouldn’t love–the one person I couldn’t love. But I did. I loved Avery Jackson. I wanted her, even though a romance with her threatened everything.
It all felt so natural.

And that was exactly the problem.

About The Author

s CEli

Journalist. Novelist. Broadcaster. Blogger.

An overactive imagination has always served Sara Celi well.
Starting from age 10, with an epic tale about a soldier during the
Civil War, Sara has made creating stories her life’s work.

After graduating cum laude from Western Kentucky University in
2004 with a degree in Broadcast News and History, Sara Celi
started her decade-long career in broadcast journalism at TV
stations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

Her love of the written word came to fruition with the publishing
of her first novel, The Undesirable, in 2013 and has since
published The Palms and Prince Charming.

Born in New Orleans and having lived all over the United States,
Sara Celi now calls the Greater Cincinnati area home. In her
spare time, she likes to read, shop, travel, run, volunteer with the
Junior League, serve on the board of Wesley Community
Services, and work with Cooperative for Education, a non-profit
providing educational opportunities for the children of

To keep up with Sara Celi and find out about her future works,
subscribe to her mailing list, The Celi Circle. Subscribers can
participate in exclusive giveaways and events. You can also
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