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Dirty Ties Review
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This was my first Pam Godwin book and if it’s any indication of her previously published writing I should proceed to my shame corner as I have been missing out!!!

I’m kind of thankful this wasn’t published during summer as my electric bill would have been SO high trying to cool myself rom this H-O-T read! The chemistry that Pam has build with the two main characters was scorching hot that it burned straight through me and made me tingly in ALL places.

But don’t be mistaken with all it’s hot sex scenes bordering on tease and YES there is so much teasing as the whole book is foreplay for good things to come. Once it becomes too much you can’t help but start reaching for a BOB or anything/one within reach to um… alleviate that built-up tension. So yes… on top of all that, this book is very much fast paced, action packed with a great plot and crazy twists.

What can you expect? Revenge… lots of it… fast motorcycles, shady business deals, god-awful parents, corrupt CEO’s, oooooh so many skeletons that you can fill a penthouse with – not just a closet, sexy men who give a sexy good time, REVENGE!… have I mentioned that?… and most importantly love. The foundation of this story is ultimately love and finding the one. The true kind of love, the love we all aspire to have and the one that our Heroine Kaci craves.

Kaci was born and bred into corrupt family and ultimately forced to join into marriage to unite with another corrupt family that together runs a huge conglomerate that is Trenchant Media.  Her only solace is the fact that she married her best friend, Collin. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal marrying your best friends, right? But what happens when you’re forced to marry your best friend who is not romantically in love with you because you are not what he desire… you catching my drift? No… um… she’s missing a certain part he needs? Anything? Bueller? Well then I can’t help you… you must read. So anywhooooooooo because her parents are not evil enough they iron-clad the pre-nut & contract, with a dash of good old fashioned bribery to solidify the perfection of a perfect marriage. So to get around that both Kaci and Collin now live an interesting sexual life where their marriage consummation consists of a BUFFER. As hot as it is sounds, and believe me it’s H-O-T, it is also so fundamentally sad that the only way to find warmth and human contact is through a person who can never have feelings for you. So our poor Kaci spends her days being groomed to become the next CEO, evading sleazy board-members aka parents and by night having fun-filled, meaningless menage trysts that at the end of the day leave her alone in bed in her own wing of the penthouse drooling over an anonymous motorcycle racer, Evader. Motorcycle racer that Kaci haunts from a distance, motorcycle rider who brutally wins all races wrapped in black leather and who NEVER takes off his helmet.

“Bet he’s built like a machine, his cock an iron piston. And you know those muscles in his ass aren’t muscles at all, but carbon fiber over Kevlar. Aerodynamic and bulletproof.”

Logan is hell-bent on revenge. He lives revenge, he breathes revenge, he welcomes revenge, he races for revenge. He is extremely smart and extremely motivated to take down Trenchant Media who is responsible for murdering his mother in front of his eyes as a teen.. Emily Clark from my favorite TV Show – Revenge  needs to take a seat, grab a pen and start taking notes here.

My mother taught me how to ride, how to win, and when she died in a river of her blood, she taught me how to hate.

His run in and continuous run-ins with Kaci escalate in hotness and further seal their fate and make him question whether REVENGE is the ultimate goal here or the fight for the woman he is drawn to before he knows who she is. The woman who he knows watches and waits for him on the sides, on her silver Ducati, at every one of his races for months.

Besides of course being smitten with sex god that is Logan, I truly fell in love with Kaci. Kaci who probably took every good person gene/trait that is recessive in that messed up gene pool that is her parents and became a good person. Person who sacrafised her own happiness for the love of her best friend. Person who will ALWAYS put love first, no matter what kind it is.
I can not recommend this scorching hot, forbidden romance story told from both Kaci & Logan’s POV more… except I’ll just put some of the highlights that I’m simply in love with… right below here… HOPE they will convince you to pick it up.

“I married my best friend. No regrets.”

He closed his eyes. “You married a gay man who supports an anti-gay political party on national TV.”

“And you married a breeder who leaves cum trails on your lovers’ cocks.”

He half-laughed, half-choked. “Jesus, you’re nasty.”


“When he fucks, he doesn’t just rip open your filthy desires. He alters them until all you feel is the velocity of his thrusts searing into every tender cavity, wrenching every hungry breath, for the rest of your cock-starved life.”

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.
Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

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