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CODA by C.D. Reiss is the epic conclusion to the LOVE story of Jonathan and Monica Drazen. I emphasize love for a reason. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of this series. The Songs of Submission series in general is laden with some of the most erotic, brazen, violent, and jaw dropping sex I have ever read. It is easy to focus on the amazing way Christine writes a sex scene, the hot, unapologetic, heat of it and to place this series into the pile with all the other smut… if you don’t know any better! If you do – then you know upfront that Christine’s prose, the way she brings these characters to life with dimensions and layers upon layers how she makes them human and fallible is something extremely unique and special to find in the erotica and romance world of books. You know that I have not dubbed her the Shakespeare of Smut without reason… and I’m happy to say that CODA followed the lead of its predecessors. While I would overall give it 4.5 coffee beans it was in no way lacking in its beautiful way of concluding this epic romance that those of us who have fallen in love with these characters have been dying for!!! 

In this book we pick up right where we left off. Jonathan is working to get back on his feet and define what his role is not only in his marriage but in life is. Monica is attempting to make her career work while also trying to define who she is as a wife and a submissive. They stumble, man sometimes they just fucking face-plant in this book. They will make your heart ache for them and you may even question if an HEA is in the cards for these two – if it’s even possible anymore. Overall, it feels REAL… Christine did not bullshit us with this one, and at the end of it you may find yourself surprised with the outcome. 

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Quote Love

“I am your ever You are my after I am your altar You are my prayer”

“Her nipples hardened in the cool night air. The triangle between her legs was a promise of compliance and unyielding pleasure. The ocean outside the open balcony door would be the background noise to the melody of her cries.”

“What if I laid you on that bed and pulled your legs apart. Just the tip of my tongue on your cunt. If I was gentle, would you come, do you think?”

“You are everything. My everything. There’s nothing I’d change about you. And that includes your talent and ambition.”

“He understood me. I could tell him even the worst nonsense, and he did more than agree. He became a part of me, tapped into my thoughts, a partner.”

“She’d come back to me fully, but I hadn’t broached my side of the distance. I hadn’t gone to her with an open heart the way she’d come to me. That was going to change.”

“I own you. I own your filthy mouth. I own your dirty mind. When you get wet thinking about fucking, it’s mine. Every drop from you. I own your every thought. You are my property.”

“You’re going to spread your legs and submit yourself. Your mouth. Your cunt. Your tight little ass. I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to crack you open and suck you dry.”

“Fear was funglible, and death was forever. Overcome one to face the other. Blah blah. I didn’t want him to be right. I wanted to fall down a hole of despair or climb a pillar of hope, and reason and rationality were distractions from the choice.”

“He was my sky. Through blood and breath, sin and sorrow, I was his sea, and wherever the horizon was and the world ended, we were there, together.”

“Flesh of my flesh, love of my love, broken and tied back together with the strings of my heart, these are mine.”  



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