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Othello Station by Rachael Wade
Publication date: June 22nd 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance


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Every woman in my life is supposed to be like Othello Station – a last stop. Unless they know how to keep their distance. I’ve managed to maintain a routine, one that works for me and one I have no intention of ever changing. But this dove came along. Soft and delicate, tainting my thoughts. I can think of twenty different ways to get rid of her. I need this dove to take flight.

But she won’t fly away.

She won’t release me from her cage.

Her wings ensnare me.

And now I want to get off this train. I wish I never boarded this ride. Because I’m about to crash and take this dove with me. But sometimes you can’t stop the crash. Sometimes you just have to hang on and let the flames ignite. Let the fire burn.

Sometimes, the fire is what saves you.


“You’ve got a good spot, here.” My dad looks at me with all the love in the world. This man is my fucking hero. “You’re gonna go far in life, Son. You’ve already blown your mother and me out of the water.”

“Alright, Dad. Stop.”

“Too much?”


“Tough shit, Kid. You’re mine and I get bragging rights. Look at this!” He tugs my facial hair and slaps my shoulder. “Strong, sophisticated, intelligent—” His chest heaves up and down, and he begins to cough. He reaches for his handkerchief. It’s the dark navy one, the one with our family initials. My lips press together in a tight, firm line. They’re choking on the anger, on the injustice.

Choking on the pain.

He coughs into the handkerchief, turning and bending away from me. A drop of blood remains on the corner of his mouth. He wipes at it as soon as he gets the coughing fit under control.

“You good?” I risk a glance at him and my misty eyes betray me. Every time I see him could be the last time.

He eyes me and looks away. “Please. You think this is gonna keep me from life? Hell no, Son. This is just the beginning.”


“Don’t. Just promise me something, will ya?”


“Don’t let this get in the way.”

“Of what?”

“Anything. Everything. Be good to yourself.”

“Quit talking like that.”

“I mean it.” The Lightrail arrives, and I focus on the setting sun. “Live, love, and let the past stay where it belongs. In the ground, with the dirt. Don’t let anything harden you.”

“I’m not sure it’s that easy.”

“Yes, it is.” He squeezes my shoulder and adjusts his laptop bag, swinging it higher up his arm. “Just let the light guide you home, Kid. It never steers you wrong.”

My throat begins to close up, and I’m choking on the weight he’s placed there, drowning in it. But I give him what he needs. A smile and an affectionate gesture. A squeeze of the shoulder, the same one he’s given me, each time, as this very station. The stop that I’ll always call home.

Othello Station.

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About Author

Rachael Wade author

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. Visit her at www.RachaelWade.com and www.LightsOnOutreach.com, or come chat with her on Twitter via @RachaelWade.


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