ARC Review: Lawless by Tracey Ward

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Kris Review
Kris Review

Lawless… le sigh… I give this one a big ol’ 4.5 stars. It’s an easy sweet read. If you want something to read when you go to the beach or right after a really intense read this is the way to go.

Now just because it is light doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have substance. Rachel Mason is prepping to finally make her way to college after having waited for several years to get into the program of her dreams… but right before it’s time for her to get on a plane and say farewell for now to California a life changing occurrence happens and through her striving to cope and stay on track with her goals she is forced to re-evaluate her life and what she has been working for.

Lawson Daniel, Mmmmmmmm! This guy is referred to by his full name and whenever you refer to someone by their full name it is clear that they are something special. He has surfing in his blood, he’s known as a player, and he is keeping more than one secret under wraps.

These two together are humorous while being thoughtful and most of all honest. I love the way that Tracey Ward doesn’t always go the way that you think that she is going to go. She may have characters get to where you think they might go but they usually take a different route than you expect to get there. I highly recommend this one!



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