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Jaine Diamond Interview

Hi Ladies (and maybe Gentlemen?) we had an amazing opportunity to interview a Debut Author – JAINE DIAMOND!

Sultan even had a chance to read the first book in a seriously wicked series which blew her socks off… or in her words she  “recommend[s] this series to anyone who’s ever wondered what forbidden nookie in deep space feels like.

Check out the FULL interview below (blick on the image)

DEEP review

Hooked yet???

Author QA v2

1) Where did the idea for the book come from? It was such a unique theme! 

Thank you! I suppose a sexy story in space has been percolating somewhere in the back of my mind ever since I watched Battlestar Galactica a few years back. I’m a sucker for a uniform, and all the pilots and the military setting just seemed to cry out for an erotic adventure. Somehow that cross-pollinated in my brain with the thought: “Exit to Eden – in space.” Exit to Eden is a book by Anne Rice about an exclusive BDSM club on a remote island, and for some reason I was intrigued by the idea of something similar set in space. I started playing with the idea of a remote, military-run space station where there was an active BDSM culture. What intrigued me even more, though, was the idea of my main character, Lana, arriving at this space station for military training amid wild rumors of erotic hazing rituals and sadomasochistic games, only to find them seemingly overblown… and then being drawn into this secret, kinky world through her attraction to her sexy and mysterious commanding officer.

2) What was the most favorite scene to write? 

Oh, there are so many! I love the scenes between the various characters outside of the main love story. Lana’s scenes with Scarlet were fun to write and a chance for Lana to let loose; Scarlet was the perfect person to barge in and nudge Lana out of her comfort zone. Lana’s conversation with her best friend, Layla, was so effortless; it just came from the heart. Also Lana’s scenes with her brother, some of which made me cry writing them. And I will always LOVE Catch’s scenes at fight night; they’re a little taste of his life when Lana’s not around, and what makes him tick. But most of all the most fun, challenging, frustrating, thrilling and heart-thudding scenes to write were the intimate scenes between Lana and Catch–not just the sex but the dialogue and the inner workings of their minds in those moments!

3) Yeah, also when is book 2 coming out??? Are we ever going to find out what happened to Hero’s past?

Book Two will be out in the latter half of 2016. I’m working on it now. You will most definitely find out what happened in Catch’s past.

4) A la Twitter style, can you describe your book (or series) in 140 characters or less. 

DEEP is an erotic love story with a slow, simmering build and a white-hot climax, about two people breaking all the rules to be together.

5) If you couldn’t be an author what would you be doing? 

Hmm. Working my ass off to become an author!

6) Tell us of your writing space… 

I have this great little alcove in our master bedroom, by the window, which we call my writing nook. I have an antique wood table in there that belonged to my great grandmother, which I use as my desk, and inspirational sayings on a beautifully framed corkboard on the wall. It’s my creative oasis! I go there and instantly switch into writing mode.

7) Favorite book of 2015? 

That’s a tough one to answer! I try not to pick favorites with books, so as not to hurt the other books’ feelings. I’d have to say the book I most enjoyed reading in 2015 was Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon (released in 2014); I love the Outlander series. In 2015 I went through a phase of enjoying M/M romances, and Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy was pretty great.

8) You are in a book store… where do you head off to first? 

I have to say the YA section. I love the art on the covers; young adult fantasy books have some of the best covers, and large book stores usually have such a great young adult section to browse. Unfortunately it seems to me that the romance section in most book stores is sadly ill-displayed or tucked away in embarrassment and less fun to browse through. Such a shame!

9) Coffee or Tea? 

Definitely tea! I almost always drink tea when I write; it’s a bit of a ritual. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee but I don’t like drinking it; the last time I drank it in any quantity I was participating in the 3-Day Novel contest and drank several cups as I wrote a book in 72 hours… it made my heart race and jump around so much I decided to switch to tea. I usually drink teas without caffeine, like rooibos. I love a good chai, vanilla or chocolatey rooibos. We have a bunch of incredible tea shops here in Vancouver, where I live, so I’m lucky enough to be able to try out all kinds of amazing teas.

Learn More about Jaine’s work…



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Blurb v2

The more lines they cross, the deeper they get…

Top cadet Lana Marsden lives by the rules. The most important rule of all: no messing around with an officer. She learned that one the hard way.

Now her only desire is to survive the grueling DEEP Training program and leave that scandalous past behind.

When she reports to Station Six amid wild rumors of erotic hazing rituals and sadomasochistic games, she’s not prepared for any of the rumors to be true—or for her insatiable attraction to Sergeant “Catch” Durant, her tattooed rebel of a trainer.

One touch from Catch, and Lana knows she’s in trouble. One night of white-hot ecstasy, and the rules melt away.

Catch knows sweet, sexy Lana is forbidden. She’s his trainee, and her overprotective brother is his best friend. But one taste and Catch knows the last woman he’s supposed to touch will be the one to bring him to his knees. Which is exactly where he wants to be…

A cadet with a secret.
An officer with a secret kink.
A whole lot of rules to be broken.

DEEP is the first full-length novel in the DEEP Series. Contains hot men (and women) in uniform, a violated Code of Conduct, and ice cream. Intended for adult readers, 18+.

About Author v2

Jane Diamond author

Jaine Diamond is a romance author who believes in fairy tales, ice cream, and true love. She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their baby girl.

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