REVIEW: LEVI’S BLUE by M. Leighton

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Blurb v2

Four beautiful days. Three steamy nights. One breathtaking love.

Levi Michaelson.

He wanted four dates. Four opportunities to prove I could trust him. Four chances to change my mind about him.

I agreed.

Probably not my smartest decision. He was everything I knew to avoid—gorgeous, charming, sexy as hell—but I couldn’t help myself. When he touched me the whole world disappeared. I should’ve known I could lose myself to him, that he could be the one man to destroy me.

I guess it’s true what they say—some things are too good to be true. And Levi Michaelson might just be one of them.

Review Sultan v2

I was a little worried to start another M. Leighton book due to the fact that her last book  (The Empty Jar – my review here) nearly was my undoing.  But I’m a sucker for her books all the same so I knew I would be reading this book. I am so thankful I did too! This book was so amazing and so different from other books out right now.

Evie was so darn amazing. She is lovable, smart, sweet, and a brilliant painter. And a unique one at that. I won’t tell you why cause I’d hate to ruin it for you. Just know it’s bittersweet but she makes lemonade (haha insider)  like it’s her job!!!

Levi is a very complicated man. However, you don’t realize this off the bat. You just think tall dark and handsome playboy when you meet him. But as Evie and Levi get to know each other better and their chemistry grows into an inferno you realize there’s more to Mr. Sexy Levi then meets the eye. And again I could tell you what it is, but then where’s the fun in that.

I encourage everyone to read this amazing story and experience all the wonderful colors through Evie’s eyes. But if you ask her favorite color I bet she would say it’s ” Levi Blue”. I recommend this book to anyone who has had to make some sweet lemonade with the sour lemons slice has given us.


** ARC was kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review. **


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