REVIEW: Unraveled The New Adventures of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist by Cynthia St. Aubin

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When time isn’t on your side…

Dr. Matilda Schmidt is back—and so are her crazy clients! But Godfrey Weyrick isn’t like any other patient the good doctor has encountered in her years of treating the paranormal world’s trickiest psychological cases. Mysterious as he is powerful, Weyrick’s habit of hacking the Universe’s code has the authorities ready to permanently install him in the paranormal pokey—unless he can convince Dr. Schmidt otherwise.

When the time-twisting mega-genius offers Matilda a second chance at first love, the doctor will have to choose between the problematic present with her hot hit man hubby, or an uncertain future with her past demigod heartthrob. But Dr. Schmidt soon learns that chasing the one who got away could result in someone else getting away with murder…


Normally I do my best to write a spoiler free review, but this book means so much to me and I cannot truly explain to you why it does without some spoilery explanations.

So I have never met Cynthia St. Aubin in person but I had the pleasure of purchasing and listening to her entire Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist series this previous summer. I absolutely LOOOVVVEEEEDDD it! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who obviously loves romance I also have a huge soft spot for paranormal. So this series to me was like crack!!! I could not get enough of it. I loved that each book was a short succinct adventure of Dr. Schmidt. There was a little bit of psychology, a lot of laughter, awesomely creative characters, smoking hot bedroom scenes, and well rounded characters and storylines. Once I was done reading I contacted Cynthia to find out how I could purchase signed copies of the series. She was so very nice and assisted me with getting the books signed by her. She kept in touch after that and she participated in a few giveaways we had on the page and it was awesome.

So fast forward to later in the summer I married the love of my life, my HEA come true. Cynthia contacted me and said she was working on NEW Dr. Schmidt and that as a wedding present if it was okay with me she wanted to use my maiden name and married last name as one of the main characters in her book. I. DIED. SERIOUSLY! DEAD! I of course say YAS and please do.

Fast forward to a few weeks after my wedding and it was my birthday. For a present my husband and I got a beautiful little ginger kitty we named Reggie, AKA Prince Reggie. So if you have read the book you kind of see where this is all going. Well when we got Prince Reggie he was so sick with an upper respiratory infection but he rallied strong and came back. He was knocking random shit over in no time, burrowing holes in our box spring netting so he could hang out it inside of it, and constantly vacillating from being the sweetest most cuddly never stop purring guy ever to instructing everyone to only pet him with their eyes as he strutted around like a little lion. Sadly, we only got about a month or so of this wonderful little guy full of personality before he became sick with FIP, a fatal illness that develops from a mutated virus that every cat carries but less than 5% of cats develop. We had to put Prince Reggie to sleep on 12/05/2016 so that he did not have to suffer and have a painful demise.

When Cynthia was finishing up the book and had Beta copies available she asked if I wanted to read it. Very excited to see how this character Godfrey Weyrick would turn out I totally jumped at the opportunity, I also sorely needed the pick me up. To my utter surprise, I read the dedication and it was to my Prince Reggie and as I read the story it was clear that she worked my precious little guy into the book as Godfrey Weyrick and then I really did cry, like buckets. I was so touched and moved and so happy that my little guy gets to be immortalized in this awesome story. That I can go and visit with him just by opening up a book is priceless to me. Cynthia also confirmed that he would be in other adventures of the doctor so I am very much so looking forward to more of this series and now for more than one reason!

The story itself if you’ve read Dr. Schmidt before as it usually does finds her in a pickle with a new client. She is shown what her life might have been like and given the opportunity to choose which life she wants to keep. The addition of Vasili who will also be coming back in more of the new adventures was absolute magic!!! He is so funny and unassuming and will have you bent over laughing at times. There is one scene in particular between Vasili the doctor and Liam I had to stop reading several times because I was laughing too hard to keep my eyes open! (I have huge cheeks!) So obviously I am an extremely biased reader in the case of this book. But as stated I have bought and read/listened to the original series and I LOVED those books so hard. I call poop – poop when I see it no matter how nice the author is or how well I do or do not know them and I think if you look at my review history you will agree that is #TRUTH. So when I tell you to get the original series and start it now if you have not already and to then pick up this first book in the new adventures IMMEDIATELY you can believe me when I say I am not steering you in the wrong direction! *Scouts Honor* 

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Prince Reggie & I… 

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