AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: From Hell To Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

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You loved this big-hearted bad boy demigod in the Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist series, now see what happens when he gets a story of his own! Crixus is a supernatural bounty hunter with a broken heart and a loose zipper. Lavinia is a succubus with a smart mouth and a long rap sheet. When her crimes become his problem, they’re in for one hell of a ride.


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From Hell To Breakfast is the story of everyone’s favorite Demi-God Crixus from the Dr. Matilda Schmidt Paranormal Psychologist Series. It is highly recommended that you read that series prior to beginning this book as it does have major spoilers for that series. <<<If you need to read it click HERE to get it today. >>> 

If you are still reading I am going to assume that you are in the right place and wanting to know how this little goodie goes down. Well we have HAWT as all get out Crixus and this takes place right after Unexpecting the last book in the series and right before Unraveled: The New Adventures of Dr. Matilda Schmidt Paranormal Psychologist. You can read Unraveled before reading this if you want to it won’t mess anything up in this story.

As we all know at the end of Unexpecting Matilda chooses to stay with her baby daddy the Lucious Liam and that leaves Crixus high and dry. There are many who wanted her to end up with Crixus at the end of the series and I feel like for those of you who feel hurt and aren’t sure if you want to follow the new adventures this book really does help make it all better. Crixus is given a mission to find a Succubus by the name of Lavinia. Lavinia has been around for a very long time and she does not plan to be taken in by the likes of Crixus or anyone else anytime soon. Crixus soon learns that this is not going to be his normal mission where he can woo his way to getting what he wants by using his meat sword. This book was absolutely hilarious. You will literally laugh out loud at certain parts of it. Lavinia has a sharp tongue that will keep you routing for her while feeling conflicted based on what is at stake for Crixus if he does not succeed. There are definitely several HAWT moments as well.

As always Cynthia’s writing is quick witted and ranges from poetic to fart jokes sometimes all in the same paragraph! As stated this is an audiobook review and Hollie Jackson is the chosen narrator for this story. Hollie has narrated other books for this series as well. She does a good job keeping the pace moving quickly while articulating and making sure you do not miss a single word. There are not any boring lulls and she does a great job varying the voices so that you can tell the difference between the characters. As stated this book will end leaving those of you that want something good for Crixus seeing him get it. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up today!!!


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I like gravy.

This has nothing to do with the rest of my bio, but I thought you ought to know.

About the writing thing…

I wrote my first play when I was six and made my brothers perform it for my parents. I charged gum wrappers for admission (a steal, in my opinion, considering I had handed out the gum wrappers ahead of time). While I seriously doubt you’ll be seeing any of my formative work on Broadway anytime soon, I can credit these early experiments with the first of many important lessons I learned about writing: no matter how brilliant your manuscript is, some kid can go streaking butt-ass nekkid across the living room, and totally undermine your vision.

Everyone watches the naked kid because running across the living room with your cheeks flapping in the breeze is friggin’ hilarious.

Cue the lightbulb moment. People like funny stuff!

I never quite gave up on the writing thing, even as I tried my hand at being a dusty academic turned Executive Assistant (they paid me to nag! How cool is that?), but in those quiet moments when expense reports had been filed and to-do items checked off, the funny people in my head kept talking to me.

Yes, I know they have medication for that. It’s called vodka.

Since they discourage drinking at work, I started writing instead. What came out was an amalgamation (vocabulary!) of all the things I love: funny stuff, art, psychology, food, people, and paranormal critters!

Et voila! The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist were born.

When I’m not sitting in my office watching cat videos and pretending to write, I like cooking, knitting (badly), and reading anything that makes me laugh (like my bank statements).

I live in Colorado with my brilliant husband and three surly cats.

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