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Title: Maniac

Author: Nina Auril

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 17, 2018

The Maniac
Things I should have
watched out for: 
The redhead with her
face buried in her phone. 
The pixie who made
me feel more alive than the speeding blue Shelby underneath me. 
The girl more
intense than the music and crowds I surround myself with. 
The cure to all the
demons from my past.
The one with the
boyfriend who loves her. 
But I didn’t, and
now she has to watch me one more time. In a race for my life, and hers. 
The Cure 
Things I should have
seen coming: 
The stupid red
The road all my
wishes led me down.
The 6ft hulk with
the easy smile. 
The maniac who rages
both on the track and off it. 
The one who doesn’t
care that I have a boyfriend who loves me.
But I didn’t, and
now I have to watch him one more time. In a race for his life, and mine.

Another hit by the wonderful Nina Auril. I was lucky enough to have discovered this standalone series where I didn’t have to wait for Alex’s story. Alex got on my radar since Muse (Review).

Alex was exactly the right proportion of sexy badass man who truly is a sweetheart under all that layer. He really does not deserve his heroine, Quinn. I found her to bit stubborn and irrational in her way of thinking. My poor broken Alex does everything deserve his party crush, especially when he finds out she is not single. Quinn really makes him jump through the hoops and going to extremes to show that all that bad boy exterior is just that… exterior.

There is a bit more drama and danger in this book, which I didn’t expect but wholly welcome.

So if you are looking for a broken bad boy trying to win a heart of his true ‘one’, then please pick up the series. This college romance with lots of witty banter needs more recognition. 

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A new secret author duo team up under the pseudonym, Nina Auril. They bonded over their love for ‘maybe’ bad boys, offbeat and colorful females, and a desperate need to stand out from a crowd. Having spent so much time with each other, they finally decided to collaborate and create something amazing to write the kind of stories they want to read. Nina Auril can’t be categorized, and will surprise you at every turn but promise to get your lady bits tingling every time.

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