✔ #NewRelease REVIEW: STRIP TEASE by Erin McCarthy

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A sexy CEO.
A single mom.
And a secret baby who is now eight years old…

A tipsy night in college resulted in Grace’s greatest joy–her daughter.

But now she sees the guy who gave her a fake name and number that night is stripping for a charity event without a care in the world.

When the feisty brunette confronts Brandon, finding out he has a daughter rocks his playboy world.

Grace wants answers.
Brandon wants Grace.
And Fallon wants a dad.

Is the ultimate party guy ready to strip it all bare…including his heart?

I am just a huge sucker for second chance romances that involve a surprise baby trope. This was one was a bit different as the discovery of said baby took place nine-ish years later after a very hot one night stand in celebration of Jeff Spicoli/Brandon‘s 21st birthday. Encounter that left Grace with a gift from that night and no way to contact the baby daddy to let him know.

GraceBrandon‘s reunion was everything you can imagine it to be. Shooketh new dad who dives all in to embrace his new role. So this book is totally full of swoons for the new couple and a little curious girl. 

The writing is quick paced and full of insta feels delivering a much needed HEA with a sprinkle of angsty feels. Grace was a fierce mom full of grit and at times frustratingly independent that Brandon knew how to handle. It was entertaining to read how two people with different lives tried to find a happy middle to integrate their lives… growing pains and all.

Characters from previous books do make an entrance in this book but it did not make me feel lost in the series as I have started this series with Strip Tease. I will definitely be making time to go back to book one and two to acquaint myself closer to the characters.


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  1. Okay….heading to amazon to one click this book. First off the covers are gorgeous, I have only read her racer books, and I love surprise baby books too especially when its the case here where the heroine is unable to contact the father. Lovely review darling.

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