Review: Break Her

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Break Her
Break Her by B.G. Harlen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book. I don’t think it was at all what I was expecting. From what I heard others say about it I guess I was expecting to be really creeped out and upset about a lot of it. I really enjoyed this authors writing style. It was smart and they tied in so many references to pop culture. I really enjoyed the “Her” character as well. She was really smart and rational and definitely a survivor. There wasn’t really a shock and awe factor for me though because even he said he felt that the people who hired him made a mistake in choosing her to be broken. Through out she said what her plan was and even when things were getting pretty awful there the fact that she was still capable of thinking about whether she was going to make it through or not was a sign that she still wasn’t broken.

What bothered me the most was all of the rape. Not the act of rape itself. I was expecting that. But that he could go for hours and then turn back around and go again. I understand that people get off on pain but I just find it difficult to believe that his junk would not have been just as ripped and ragged as hers, despite him using toys as well.

What I liked most was the dialogue between the two. I would imagine it would take two very intelligent people to play this kind of game for that long. I also liked his opening move not in a OMG that was awesome kind of way but as far as creepy torturer rapist killers go that is a seriously effective opener. Makes me thankful that I’m a light sleeper and keep a bat next to my bed! If you’re in the mood for some fucked up shit this is your book!

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