Review: Carry Your Heart

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Carry Your Heart
Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Philippa “Pippa” Bradley is on top of the world! She loves to ski and is an Olympic hopeful. She has a wonderful loving boyfriend great friends and her entire life in front of her…

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And then one day, while she’s being young and carefree the unthinkable happens…

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In the blink of an eye. Everything is changed. Pippa loses her boyfriend and best friend in one tragic accident. An accident that she walked away from.

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When Pippa finally decides that something is missing from her life and that she wants to attempt to live again she is met with many obstacles. Her guilt about living, the guilt of leaving those in what had become her world behind, and the expectations and thoughts of others as to what she should do and who she should be with. The biggest of the complications is 6’2″ with beautiful green eyes and is a known womanizer with a serious asshole streak – AKA – Hunter Dawson.

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Despite what everyone tells her about him she finds herself falling fast and hard for someone who never dates and has never done a relationship. He appears to be the complete opposite of her ex but she sees something deeper…

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Something that makes her feel safe, happy, and alive again…

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And just maybe he feels it too…

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They are both scared and confused by this fast fall…

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…and yet so comfortable and natural with one another.

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Everything appears to have changed again, but Pippa still battles her past, can she let go and let him in? Can Hunter be what she needs him to be or is he just like everyone has told her he was?

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It won’t be an easy journey, but love never is…

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This was a wonderful story. There were so many inspirational nuggets and the message of hope shined bright. Hunter was adorable and hilarious and when I wasn’t shaking my head at him I was swooning SO hard. I am not going to give it a full five stars because I think it definitely needed a few more once overs by an editor as the errors were distracting at times. Overall though, I loved it!

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