Review: Taken By Moonlight

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Taken By Moonlight
Taken By Moonlight by Violette Dubrinsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well Ms. Dubrinsky, I LOVED your book!!! I have been reading more book recommendations when I can and when the books seem interesting that were suggested to me through the Fans of Interracial Romance group here on gr and this was the buddy read for September.

I am so happy that I picked it up! So let’s jump right in…

What I LOVED about it:

1 – When it was hot and steamy, it was on fire hot and steamy!

2 – There was a very detailed and developed plot. There were witches, werewolves, vampires, druids, warlocks, and so on. The history was extensive on each and the way she linked it all together made sense and it was in a way that I have not read before!

3 – Conall!!!! Mother freaking smoking hot CONALL!!!! I want to lick him from head to toe just like the wolf that he is would do to his mate. I want to have his little wolf pups and have him call me beautiful one with his accent. Did I mention he has tattoos and he’s huge and hot? *LAWD* I love the relationship between him and Viv! They are so right together and HAWT!!!!

4 – I loved the balance of drama/angst and happy hot fun time! I didn’t feel over or undersexed and even though this is a series I felt like if I don’t read another book in it I would be happy with the conclusion I got. Also, the epilogue rocked!!!

5 – Lastly, and very important to me when I read these kinds of books… the black women in the story were not gum popping, head swiveling stereotypes, despite living in New York and the ease with which the author could have gone there. Drew had her edge to her but they all seemed like real people I could hang with. It is hard to find sometimes even when the book is written by a person of color characters that aren’t all the way on one end of the spectrum ie: gum popping, finger snapping or the other ie: completely denying that any difference exists. So yeah! I appreciate that, a lot!

What could have been better…

1 – It was a massive book I think it said almost 500 pages. It made sense for everything that was covered but I think it could have been thinned out a little bit.

2 – The editing was done well but there were some distracting typos and places where it said “him” but should have said “her” for instance that threw me off from time to time. But it wasn’t a huge deal.

3 – There were A LOT of characters. It was kind of difficult to keep track of after awhile. I was like wait who is he? Oh, is that a vamp or warlock or???? I assume we’ll see a lot of these characters in the rest of the series so I get it but maybe I could have been introduced to less of them this time around.

So I’m not going to give you a run down of what happens. You can read the synopsis and get an idea. Plus as I stated there are a lot of characters and there are all kinds of twists and turns and I don’t want to give anything away. So I’m just going to do a casting for some of the main characters and call it a day… Read it!!! 😀

Vivienne & Cassandre

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Yummy Tattooed Guy photo tattooedgoodness.jpg

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Raoul & Sloan

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