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Hardwired by Meredith Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came across this one on facebook and read a few of the excerpts which peaked my interest greatly. It has a very familiar premise: Hot billionaire somewhat dominant guy, equally (yet unassumingly so) hot younger woman with a difficult and traumatic past.

If you are not a fan of some of the recent series with these kinds of characters this may not be the book for you! I honestly don’t understand why people who do not like these types of stories continue to read every new series that comes out and then gives it bad ratings and talks a lot of crap about it when obviously it’s not your thing! I say that because I am sure that this will happen with this book as well. Also, if you’re one of those people who believe that there is only room for one dominant billionaire man on the planet then you won’t want to read this book either. You’ll spend the entire time comparing Blake to your precious Christian, Gideon, or Jesse…

Now that – that has been said. I LOVED IT!!! It did have some familiar aspects to other series as I mentioned but the main story was definitely something different down to the gasp worthy twist at about 90% in! The few typos, price, and the similarity factor is what prevented me from giving it that last star.

If you’re skeptical let me tell you why you should give it a shot. First and foremost the heroine of this book did not make me want to run over her with my car repeatedly to get her to shut up or throw a brick at her because of her stupidity. Erica is strong and ballsy and she goes for what she wants. She isn’t some waffling wallflower who doesn’t have direction. Despite her past she is an entrepaneur who is determined to take her company as far as it can go. With that said she has had a traumatic past, so she does at times push Blake away and run away from him. It’s never for too long or to the point where you’re ready to just throw the book across the room. Most of the time you get it. Both Erica and Blake are used to being in control of and Masters of their own Universe when you have two people like that trying to be together they are going to clash.

There is some kink, a spanking here or there, and some domination but it’s not a bdsm story and it worked well for this couple. The side characters have an interesting story and I am excited to see how that all works out. I also genuinely enjoyed Meredith Wild’s writing style and the humor and passion in this one. It would be the perfect read if you are coming off a really emotional book. This is the first book of a series so this book does pose questions that are yet to be answered, yet I wouldn’t consider it to be a huge cliffhanger if that type of thing matters to you.

~Erica & Blake~

 photo EricaandBlakePic1.jpg

“I didn’t know.” “Know what?” “That…it could be like that.”

 photo EricaandBlakePic4.jpg

“You’re mine.” I breathed into him, drunk on his taste and scent.

 photo EricaandBlake2.gif

“You were right. I’m going to make you want things you never knew you wanted.” “You’re going to want me to hold you down and fuck you hard. To take control of your body.” “You want it right now, don’t you?”

 photo EricaandBlakePic2.jpg

“Clothes, off,” I ordered, directing him with my index finger…”Shouldn’t we talk about this?”…”Did I stutter? Clothes. Off.”

 photo EricaandBlakePicBW.jpg

“I love it down here, baby… I could lick your sweet little cunt all day long.”

 photo EricaandBlake.gif

“How do you feel?” “Alive…” “Good.”

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