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Simple Perfection
Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m sort of at a loss for words right now. I have said before that Abbi Glines books are like mashed potatoes — comfortable, something you know, and love. I didn’t really enjoy the Vincent Boys/Brothers all that much but other than that I liked the Too Far series and most of the Seabreeze series was solid, as well as her paranormal series. When I read Twisted Perfection I thought OMG Abbi has finally upped her game, I thought that book was wonderful. I loved Della, I loved Woods, I loved them together and I was super happy that they were going to get a second book. I was highly anticipating it as a matter of fact. Now having read it… I just have no words for how disappointed I am by this piece of crap!!! It wasn’t absolutely awful but somehow Della managed to turn into this extremely insecure dumbass, Woods seemingly was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and was either this overly alpha possessive type or crying like he forgot where he left his balls. Now don’t get me wrong there were some emotional parts to this book and if he didn’t have some sort of reaction to it that would have been a problem but it’s the other times I am referring to.

Glines managed to write almost every single one of my most major pet peeves in one book! That’s note worthy in and of itself!!! Firstly, we have a huge and major problem that could have been easily fixed with one 5 minute conversation but then carries on for a great deal of the book. Secondly, I felt like she saw some things that have been popular in recent books and decided to make it work for these characters whether it fit into how she created them to be or not. Third, we have someone who has experienced a traumatic life and exhibits signs of PTSD but somehow with new information and three weeks she is able to become almost completely “healed”, and there were no Jesus sightings as far as I know!!! SPOILER ALERT: (Fourth, senseless death!!! While I am glad that we got the info. on what the fuck was up with Bethy acting batshit out of nowhere and randomly I thought it made absolutely NO SENSE to kill off Jace due to Bethy being a dumbass! It was obviously just done to set up her and Tripp’s book and like a vegan at an all meat buffet I don’t get down like that!!! It would have made more sense for her to go the love triangle route if she needed to create drama. But having him dead, then Bethy is all broke up still about having an abortion, and Tripp is back and not going anywhere 5 years later… I just don’t give a fuck! Even the scene was absolute garbage!!!! She just la-la-la’s out into the ocean after a few shots of tequila and Jace has time to force Woods to take Bethy but they can’t figure out a way for him to pull him out too, at least out of the current and if it were so strong how was he able to get Bethy to Woods??? I’m not usually this particular but if you’re going to go there than it should make absolute and total sense! This is 5 years later not 5 weeks or even 2 or 3 years later how has Bethy managed to stay alive this long if she has always had this death wish? I’m just supposed to believe because she doesn’t deserve Jace in her eyes that is what triggered this behavior? Whatevs!) Fifth, all of the re-capping!!! If someone is reading this book and hasn’t at least read the book before it then I don’t know what to tell you, but I don’t enjoy reading a bunch of what happened in previous books that I’ve already read all over again.

For all the potential this story had I am so sad that it was this disappointing!!! I still want to read Grant’s book and I still feel like Because of Low and Twisted Perfection were really AWESOME books… but IDK if my relationship with Abbi is going to make it much longer if this is the type of crap that I am expected to pay $3-$8 a pop for…

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