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Cage by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Greg. Cage.

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Greg. Cage.

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Ms. Sloan?
Can I call you Liz???
We’re gr friends so I’m going to assume it’s cool. All I have to say to you is…

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But seriously… This book had EVERYTHING IN IT!!! I mean there was this awesomely hot hunk of pierced three (3) times deliciousness of a man. A sexy, sassy, smart woman who could handle him. The most adorable three year old, hot biker shit, a smathering of serendipity and destiny, and the rest of Corps Security of course!!! I cannot fail to mention SWAY is back!!! 😀

In Axel I was so pissed with how long it took communication to happen. And while there was a moment there for about 5 – 10% of the book where I was like OH NO this is about to get predictable and I’m going to have to knock off a star or two if this shit goes on for too long… but right then it gets resolved and the way it goes down makes sense and worked very well!

Then there were moments of OMG and WTF and lots of moments of Do THAT Again! It was so good I almost want to go back and give Axel less stars just to convey how much better this was than that. But I’m not about that life, so no worries. Anyway, read it, love it, add another BBF to the list! I know I did.

~Melissa & Cage~ AKA – Beauty & The Beast

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