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Try by Ella Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It feels like I waited forever for the next Ella Frank book to come out. As you can see below I was very excited because it was M/M and she writes such hot and quality shit that I just knew this would be AMAZEBALLS!!!! I am happy to report that she did not let me down. I am so in love with Logan and Tate. Their bantering was fabulous, the aggression between them was always sexual no matter how made one of them may have been at the other. Leading me to believe that this book had some of the hottest angry sex ever!!! It was wonderful watching Tate and Logan grow both separately and together as they each had their own battles to fight while trying to figure out if they could be together. JUST WOW!!!!!!!!! Get it! Read it! Love it!!!! I know I did!!!!!


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