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Baby Girl
Baby Girl by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Epic Moments of Awesome Stars

I have been interested in checking this series out for awhile and when Heather via The Snarky Bloggers</a

was nice enough to offer me the series in exchange for an honest review, it seemed like a no brainer!!!

I heard previously that this book/series wasn’t for everyone and since I am open-minded (unless we’re talking brother/sister lovin’…**shivers**), I can read pretty much anything and give it a try.

So I’ll approach this from what I didn’t like so much and then what I liked and loved…

I found some of the dialogue to be repetitive or too descriptive of every action at times. I thought some of the paragraphs could have been more concise in some areas as well. At times I found Erik so clinical that it was difficult to feel a connection to him… that was more so in the beginning though as he expressed a great deal of emotions as the book progressed. I’m not so big on the Psychodynamic approach but that’s due to a theoretical preference and not a criticism. I would have liked for more of the information to be stated as the characters truth and not so much as a universal truth. I won’t go into too many specifics because I don’t want to give any elements of the story away. I just felt that some of the explanations will resonate with some and for others will not and that could be a slippery slope. Kelli was odd to me at times, as a woman… and lastly I would’ve liked a few more interactions with them whether they turned sexual or not.

Now for what I liked and LOVED

I LOVED the way that Erik analyzed Kelli and his questions always had a purpose and deep meaning to them. I loved how he complimented her and recognized what she needed in order to feel cared for and gave it to her. I loved that Kelli was aware of and accepted herself as a sexual being. It was a little over the top a time or two but overall it was a positive thing that she recognized what she was good at, what she liked, and what she wanted, sexually. I really liked how they grew more open and in accepting their faults and the difficulties that they’ve had to overcome that framed who they were, they were able to grow together. There were several awesomely insightful nuggets of information that I know I will file away and ponder later. I think for someone who has no exposure or little exposure to psychology this could be very educational.

Favorite Scenes: When the meaning of three questions were revealed, The blindfold, Kelli telling her best friend what she wants, the final scene of the book <–heart totally melted!!!

Overall, I did enjoy this one and I am looking forward to continuing on and seeing how these two do or don’t make things work and what hurdles and difficulties are ahead…

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