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Cut & Run
Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Overall rating: 4.5 Stars

So I know this book is on the top favorites for a great deal of people and it’s also a first M/M read for a great deal of others. I absolutely see why! It was not my first M/M but it is now definitely one of my most favorite…

What I didn’t like so much…

There isn’t much but there relationship was a “tad” bit abusive at times. I thought it was believable for their characters since they were pretty messed up… but sometimes it was a little weird how they could be fighting physically or verbally and then just move on. They also talked a lot about how they weren’t good at talking… but when they took the time to talk they did a very good job of it. There were some little things in the writing style and plot wise that bothered me — such as them always being in situations where one of them was half way blown or beat to pieces — but nothing so much so that I felt the need to knock it down a full star or anything.

What I LOVED….

Okay there is a lot here so let me try to organize my thoughts so I don’t miss anything.

(1) I loved how tender and caring and loving they could be towards each other. They would voice their fears about going there and then they would do it anyway though. It was different than what I usually see in M/M books. Sometimes I think authors try a little too hard to attempt to maintain the masculinity and completely forget that men can be and are nurturing and loving creatures as well as hot as balls bad asses. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

(2) I really, REALLY, enjoyed the case that they were investigating. My theory was so right but I didn’t figure it out too early where I would have been disappointed and for me that is huge!!! I’m always the person that is watching a show or seeing a movie and knows who did it almost right away… so when it takes me awhile I really love it! It was also creative and really reminded me of watching Luther, Wire In The Blood, Whitechapel, or Touching Evil… in the sense that it was pretty detailed, gruesome, and some massively sick shit at times. All things I LOVE in a crime drama.

(3) I loved the literal movement in the book!!! These guys did not sit still during an intense conversation. I loved how the authors were able to keep them moving and talking and make it seem so effortless. I have read a few books recently where the author is so busy describing or explaining what is happening that I find myself rolling my eyes at the description as if I’m so inept I cannot decipher what is going on… but I digress. That was definitely not an issue in this book.

(4) I loved the lack of labels. That’s pretty self explanatory.

(5) The banter!!! I laughed so long and so hard while reading this one it just was great!

(6) The focus was definitely on the relationship, the characters, and the case, but when the sex did happen it was SUPER hot!!! That one scene while the phone was ringing, I was laughing and fanning myself!!!

There you have it! I will definitely continue to read this series and I’m so glad I loved it as much as some others and wasn’t in the minority this time around.

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