Review: Better Than Me

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Better Than Me
Better Than Me by Emme Burton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay, I liked this alright for the first half of it. It was interesting and the entire piece about the guy not exactly being single and whether they would end up just being friends or nothing at all did draw me in. I thought that what happened with the main character Biz and Neil was not all that uncommon unfortunately. Maybe not that exact experience but most people have experienced some type of betrayal in that regard in life. I even thought how she chose to “handle it” or “deal” was very common as well… Many people have to fall apart in order to put themselves back together, and to really learn who you are in life. Trust is one of the most difficult concepts there is. People, especially young people do not always understand of see how much damage you can cause another human being when you betray their trust. So, we are going along and as I stated I was into the story it, it was making sense… then we hit the 60% or so mark and it kind of got a little “huh?” on me. I did like the way that she ended up dealing with the difficult situation that she was put in, and I liked her original plan of action. Then we hit the 70-75% mark and that’s where things start to go down hill. There is all of this “drama” all of this insecurity and even though the characters are talking to each other and having these “honest” conversations… the reactions their expression of feelings feels so contrived. All of a sudden I was dumped into a damn soap opera. Then there is the bit on mental health issues, and how some of the events that previously happened are just brought up in passing and never really discussed it was just strange at the end there. I was going to give it a solid 3 or 3.5 stars but I absolutely cannot stand when a story falls apart or gets down right DUMB at the last 20% or so. Hugest pet peeve for me to invest that much time and for it to fall apart at that point. BLEH!

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