Review: Elysian

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Elysian by Addison Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 8, but really 9 since 7 was two parts. The Celestra series was one of the FIRST paranormal series that I picked up when I got back into reading. There were times where Skyla drove me absolutely BATSHIT insane, there were other times where I felt like we were just getting jerked around in circles and that it would never come to some sort of resolution that was understandable. Even in this book I was so confused for so much of it… then Addison laid it out there and I was like this really is a magical series!

I am so excited to start Celestra Ever After since this was a resolution of sorts but still left many questions unanswered. One thing no matter my thoughts on the entire story that I have loved through out this series is the way that Addison Moore writes. She is hands down one of my most favorite writers. There is nothing like curling up with one of her books on a dark, rainy, day and getting lost in the gothic-biblical beauty in the way that she writes. I just cannot believe it’s done.

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