Review: The Devil in Me

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The Devil in Me
The Devil in Me by K.I. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/10/14 – K. I. Lynn – The Devil In Me – 5 stars

Quote Love: “I wanted her with a primal intensity that consumed me. Fuck her raw. Make her need me as much as I was suddenly dying for her. I wanted to hear her screams bouncing off the stone walls, mark her with my come. Taint her innocence, then fuck her all over again. A roar ripped through me, every muscle strained to the limit. My balls were tight, and with a few hard tugs, I exploded all over the mirror and sink. I couldn’t stop coming, my body jerking hard with each spurt. My legs gave out, and I sprawled out onto the floor, trying to breathe again. Come continued to drip out of my dick.”

What I liked: I loved all the stroking. It had it’s taboo elements to it and goodness they were smoking hot. The writing was wonderful and I was really into the story. I definitely hope to read more of this. Like NOW!!!!

What could have been better: Ummm, uhhhhh, hmmm…..

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