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UnRaveled by K. Bromberg
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

5/8/14 – K. Bromberg – Unraveled – 2.5 stars

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Quote Love: “Do not fucking question me. Do not talk back. Is that understood?” “Is that understood?” I nod my head as best as I can with his hand still pressed there. “I will fuck you as I see fit. I will use you, own you, make you mine.”

What I liked: This one was pretty darn hot! I’ve only read one book by Bromberg thus far and I felt like the writing in this novella was far better than that book. I thought some of the scenes were inventive and different. I liked how it started off with a bang!!!

What could have been better: I’m not sure if I can do this part without spoiling it so I’m just going to put my spoiler tags on and keep it 100… I’m all for the dark erotic. I love a snatch and bang as much as the next person. I like to read about the taboo because it’s fictional so it can be hot and erotic and I don’t have to apologize about liking it. What is hot and erotic about it is that it is fictional. A lot of women, about 85% like the IDEA of being restrained, forced, held down… does that mean that they want to be raped? NO! It’s because they can feel safe with their partner and know that the person would not actually hurt them that they can give into fantasies like that. Let’s not get that confused with this.

I only gave this 2.5 stars for one reason and one reason only. The way that Bromberg chose to set up the sexual acts in this book. The main character is drugged grabbed off the street, wakes up restrained and told that she is going to be fucked and she is going to like it and that she is going to cry and beg for him to stop and also beg to stay when she is let go of. In the end you find out that her husband was behind it all… and that is supposed to make us feel better I suppose… I figured out that the husband was involved very early on. Like from the moment he slid his chair across the room. The main character struggles through out the sex she goes from feeling guilt and shame for being turned on and for orgasming to not feeling any of those things or caring about her husband and kids and wanting to come… I’m not saying that this could not happen.

Unfortunately, I think that Bromberg inadvertently wrote a story that gives the perception that victims of rape may actually enjoy it. As stated, I think this was not what the author was going for at all. Women especially are very much wrapped up in their brain. Everyone knows a woman could be with the person she loves more than anything else in the world and they could be doing everything that she loves and likes that turns her on and gets her super hot… if she is thinking about something else, distracted, worried, upset about something that happened that day, they could go at it for hours and she may never orgasm. I don’t find it believable at all that a woman would be drugged and wake up restrained and about to be raped, have hot wax dripped on her, flogged, put in nipple clamps and fucked by two strangers and that her “pleasure” would outweigh her fear & terror. This isn’t a Stockholm syndrome situation she was taken and fucked pretty much right away. No matter how curious she is about that lifestyle and about those acts… she has no idea what this man or these men are going to do to her. I just had a lot of problems with this and the unintentional message it gives. It also makes me think her husband is a fucking asshole and pretty scary! I mean why not surprise her by bringing someone in then blindfolding her and going through all of those things. I don’t think that it needed to necessarily have that extra element of her being kidnapped. She was a bawling crying mess when they put her back in her room and lets be 100% fucking clear here whether she found out it was her husband behind it or not. She was taken and raped she would have had a great deal of trauma behind that… you don’t just accept that shit and keep it moving! I’m all for the dark and naughty, but not when it is written in this way. The longer I sat and thought about it the angrier I got. That in an effort to arouse and write something that could be titled darkly erotic that a woman would write this the way that she did.

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