Review: Loving Me, Trusting You

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Loving Me, Trusting You
Loving Me, Trusting You by C.M. Stunich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Geez I’m hooked… 4.5 stars!!! So this one we get to know Mireya and Gaine a little bit more. What I loved about this one was that they sex was hot and explosive and I’ll say that right off the bat. I mean sweet baby jeebus HOT! Mireya was a total and utter bitch… but as the book went on while her attitude didn’t change you got to see the different sides of her. While I still wanted to break her face several times I got her, and understood her. What I enjoyed most was how strong she is. She had more balls then most of the men in this one! I loved how Gaine stepped back and knew when to push her and when to let her have her space. Gah, yeah!

Gaine & Mireya

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